Review of Scientific Instruments, 2001, V 72, N 11, November.


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An iterative procedure for the inversion of two-dimensional ion/photoelectron imaging experiments Marc J. J. Vrakking pp. 4084-4089 Operation of the SERSE superconducting electron cyclotron resonance ion source at 28 GHz S. Gammino, G. Ciavola, L. Celona, D. Hitz, A. Girard, and G. Melin pp. 4090-4097 Energy broadening due to photoion space charge in a high resolution laser photoelectron source J. Bommels, E. Leber, A. Gopalan, J. M. Weber, S. Barsotti, M.-W. Ruf, and H. Hotop pp. 4098-4105
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Quantitative diode laser absorption spectroscopy near 2 Ám with high precision measurements of CO2 concentration G. Gagliardi, R. Restieri, G. De Biasio, P. De Natale, F. Cotrufo, and L. Gianfrani pp. 4228-4233 An ultrasound velocity and attenuation scanner for viewing the temporal evolution of a dispersed phase in fluids Phillip V. Nelson, Malcolm J. W. Povey, and Yongtao Wang pp. 4234-4241
Pulsed-laser Doppler flowmetry provides basis for deep perfusion probing Roy G. M. Kolkman, Erwin Hondebrink, Rene A. Bolt, Wiendelt Steenbergen, and Frits F. M. de Mul pp. 4242-4244 DNA mutation detection via fluorescence imaging in a spatial thermal gradient, capillary electrophoresis system B. Crane, C. Hogan, L. Lerman, and I. W. Hunter pp. 4245-4251 An optical microscope for the study of biopolymer solutions under shear field Sanghoon Kim and J. L. Willett pp. 4252-4260 Attractive-mode force microscope for investigations of biomolecules under ambient conditions G. M. King and G. Nunes, Jr. pp. 4261-4265
Study of a fast, high-impedance, high-voltage pulse divider W. He, H. Yin, A. D. R. Phelps, A. W. Cross, and S. N. Spark pp. 4266-4269
Optimization of a compact two-stage light-gas gun aiming at a velocity of 9 km/s Tatsumi Moritoh, Nobuaki Kawai, Kazutaka G. Nakamura, and Ken-ichi Kondo pp. 4270-4272 Development of a high power microwave plasma beam applicator S. A. Gower pp. 4273-4278 Precise ranging by emitting long laser pulses D. V. Stoyanov, I. G. Mechev, and V. N. Naboko pp. 4279-4286

Integrating sphere optical zero spectral correction Oliverio D. D. Soares and Jose L. C. Costa pp. 4287-4288 Measurement of plasma diamagnetism in the SINP tokamak by a flux loop system inside the vacuum vessel S. K. Saha, R. Kumar, and A. K. Hui pp. 4289-4291 Phased array imaging on a 4.7T/33cm animal research system Barbara L. Beck and Stephen J. Blackband pp. 4292-4294 Implementation of optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy in a commercial W-band cylindrical cavity G. Janssen, A. Bouwen, P. Casteels, and E. Goovaerts pp. 4295-4296 Design, construction, and performance of a low-cost deposition system for thin film multilayers K. Lukoschus, S. Kraschinski, S. Herzog, and W. Bensch pp. 4297-4299 Rotational-temperature evolution of a N ion beam in a storage ring probed by laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy Stefan Rosen, Mats Larsson, Peder Royen, Danijela Rostohar, Johan Lidberg, Sven Mannervik, and Wei Shi pp. 4300-4301 Microfabrication and characterization of superconducting radio-frequency oscillators M. Gotz, V. V. Khanin, A. B. Zorin, and J. Niemeyer pp. 4302-4304 An x-ray extensional flow cell Marsha Kisilak, Heather Anderson, Nathan S. Babcock, MacKenzie R. Stetzer, Stefan H. J. Idziak, and Eric B. Sirota pp. 4305-4307 Fast signal processing of a yttrium-aluminum-perovskite:Ce detector for synchrotron x-ray experiments Masaaki Harada, Kenji Sakurai, Kazuhiro Saitoh, and Shunji Kishimoto pp. 4308-4311 Powered automatic measuring system for Langmuir probe plasma analysis M. Sreenivasulu, S. K. Patra, and G. Mohan Rao pp. 4312-4314