Review of Scientific Instruments, 2003, V 74, N 10, October.


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Study on microstrip position sensitive detector with meandering resistive structure for the charge division method V. Radhakrishna, K. Rajanna, S. S. Desai, and A. M. Shaikh pp. 4263-4267 Precise measurement technology of soft-x-ray spectrum using dual transmission grating spectrometer Jiamin Yang, Yaonan Ding, Wenghai Zhang, Jiyan Zhang, and Zhijian Zheng pp. 4268-4272 Hardware simulator for photon correlation spectroscopy Fabio Ferri and Davide Magatti pp. 4273-4279
A cryogenic radiometer for absolute neutron rate measurement Z. Chowdhuri, G. L. Hansen, V. Jane, C. D. Keith, W. M. Lozowski, W. M. Snow, M. S. Dewey, D. M. Gilliam, G. L. Greene, J. S. Nico, A. K. Thompson, and F. E. Wietfeldt pp. 4280-4293 Detection of high-Z objects using multiple scattering of cosmic ray muons William C. Priedhorsky, Konstantin N. Borozdin, Gary E. Hogan, Christopher Morris, Alexander Saunders, Larry J. Schultz, and Margaret E. Teasdale pp. 4294-4297 Hyperbolic field electron energy analyzer with second focusing M. Jacka, A. Kale, and N. Traitler pp. 4298-4300 Hybrid evaporation: Glow discharge source for plasma immersion ion implantation L. H. Li, R. W. Y. Poon, S. C. H. Kwok, P. K. Chu, Y. Q. Wu, and Y. H. Zhang pp. 4301-4304 A device for precision neutralization of electric charge of small drops using ionized air Sewan Fan, Peter C. Kim, Eric R. Lee, Irwin T. Lee, Martin L. Perl, Howard Rogers, and Dinesh Loomba pp. 4305-4309
Dynamic laser alignment control for Thomson scattering on ASDEX Upgrade H. Murmann, M. Jakobi, B. Kurzan, and H. B. Schilling ASDEX Upgrade Team pp. 4310-4313 FRX-L: A field-reversed configuration plasma injector for magnetized target fusion J. M. Taccetti, T. P. Intrator, G. A. Wurden, S. Y. Zhang, R. Aragonez, P. N. Assmus, C. M. Bass, C. Carey, S. A. deVries, W. J. Fienup, I. Furno, S. C. Hsu, M. P. Kozar, M. C. Langner, J. Liang et al. pp. 4314-4323 A magnetic diagnostic on Tore Supra Ph. Moreau, P. Defrasne, E. Joffrin, F. Saint Laurent, and G. Martin pp. 4324-4330 Development of phosphor scintillator-based detectors for soft x-ray and vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy of magnetically confined fusion plasmas V. A. Soukhanovskii, S. P. Regan, M. J. May, M. Finkenthal, and H. W. Moos pp. 4331-4335 Electron cyclotron resonance harmonics and wall material effects in a microwave discharge Ane Aanesland and Ashild Fredriksen pp. 4336-4341 High efficiency magneto-optical trap for unstable isotopes S. Aubin, E. Gomez, L. A. Orozco, and G. D. Sprouse pp. 4342-4351 Laser induced fluorescence in Ar and He plasmas with a tunable diode laser R. F. Boivin and E. E. Scime pp. 4352-4360 Pulsed corona generation using a diode-based pulsed power generator A. J. M. Pemen, I. V. Grekhov, E. J. M. van Heesch, K. Yan, S. A. Nair, and S. V. Korotkov pp. 4361-4365
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Numerical simulation of the heat transfer in amorphous silicon nitride membrane-based microcalorimeters B. Revaz, B. L. Zink, D. O'Neil, L. Hull, and F. Hellman pp. 4389-4403 Study of He clusters by means of a compact time-of-flight detector for atom scattering L. Pedemonte, R. Tatarek, and G. Bracco pp. 4404-4409 Sample containment for neutron and high-energy x-ray scattering studies of hydrogen fluoride and related molecular species John F. C. Turner, Sylvia E. McLain, Timothy H. Free, Chris J. Benmore, Kenneth W. Herwig, and Joan E. Siewenie pp. 4410-4417 Interferometric setup for measurements of expansion of whisker-like samples A. V. Golovnya and V. Ya. Pokrovskii pp. 4418-4422 A tensometer to study strain deformation and failure behavior of hydrated systems via in situ environmental scanning electron microscopy R. Rizzieri, F. S. Baker, and A. M. Donald pp. 4423-4428 Sawyer–Tower hysteresis measurements on micron sized Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 capacitors R. Bouregba, B. Vilquin, G. Le Rhun, G. Poullain, and B. Domenges pp. 4429-4435 An instrument for low- and variable-temperature millimeter-wave surface impedance measurements under magnetic fields Tetsuo Hanaguri, Keishi Takaki, Yoshishige Tsuchiya, and Atsutaka Maeda pp. 4436-4441 A new type of fiber-optic-based interferometric ellipsometer for in situ and real-time measurements S. Topcu, L. Chassagne, and Y. Alayli pp. 4442-4447 Characterization of ZYX exfoliated graphite for studies of monolayer 3He below 1 mK Y. Niimi, S. Murakawa, Y. Matsumoto, H. Kambara, and Hiroshi Fukuyama pp. 4448-4452 Acoustoelectric probe for d33 measurement on piezoelectric thin films P. Verardi and F. Craciun pp. 4453-4457 In situ plasma diagnostics study by means of optical emission spectroscopy for diamond chemical vapor deposition under high gravity conditions Fabrizio Tappero, Yoshiyuki Abe, and Giovanni Maizza pp. 4458-4461 Inelastic electron tunneling spectrometer to characterize metal–oxide–semiconductor devices with ultrathin oxides C. Petit and G. Salace pp. 4462-4467
Ultrasonic levitation for the examination of gas/solid reactions A. Kavouras and G. Krammer pp. 4468-4473 Design and development of an interchangeable nanomicroelectrospray source for a quadrupole mass spectrometer Douglas R. Smith, Gary Sagerman, and Troy D. Wood pp. 4474-4477 Development and testing of a frequency-agile optical parametric oscillator system for differential absorption lidar P. Weibring, J. N. Smith, H. Edner, and S. Svanberg pp. 4478-4484
Advanced research equipment for fast ultraweak luminescence analysis S. Tudisco, F. Musumeci, A. Scordino, and G. Privitera pp. 4485-4490 Probing microplatform for the study of biological adhesion forces N. Whisman, D. York, L. Manning, J. Brant, R. Dyer, A. Childress, E. A. Marchand, and J. D. Adams pp. 4491-4494 Analysis of three-dimensional photoacoustic imaging of a vascular tree in vitro Magdalena C. Pilatou, Nico J. Voogd, Frits F. M. de Mul, Wiendelt Steenbergen, and Leon N. A. van Adrichem pp. 4495-4499
Prototype system for superconducting quantum interference device multiplexing of large-format transition-edge sensor arrays Carl D. Reintsema, Jorn Beyer, Sae Woo Nam, Steve Deiker, Gene C. Hilton, Kent Irwin, John Martinis, Joel Ullom, Leila R. Vale, and Mike MacIntosh pp. 4500-4508 A torsional balance for the characterization of microNewton thrusters Manuel Gamero-Castano pp. 4509-4514 3He maser for earth magnetic field measurement Herve Gilles, Yves Monfort, and Joseph Hamel pp. 4515-4520
New isolated gate bipolar transistor two-quadrant chopper power supply for a fast field cycling nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer D. M. Sousa, G. D. Marques, P. J. Sebastiao, and A. C. Ribeiro pp. 4521-4528 Radio frequency characterization of a split-ringed, electrically small electro-optical bulk modulator Jeffrey L. Young, Ronald O. Nelson, and James F. Kelly pp. 4529-4535 A simple submillimeter wave reflecting setup for open dielectric resonators excitation G. Annino, M. Cassettari, M. Martinelli, and P. J. M. van Bentum pp. 4536-4538
Mechanical properties of periodic porous silica low-k films determined by the twin-transducer surface acoustic wave technique Xia Xiao, Nobuhiro Hata, Kazuhiro Yamada, and Takamaro Kikkawa pp. 4539-4541 Thermal effusivity measurements of insulating liquids using microsized hot strip probes M. Gustavsson, H. Nagai, and T. Okutani pp. 4542-4548
Fabrication of elliptical mirror at nanometer-level accuracy for hard x-ray focusing by numerically controlled plasma chemical vaporization machining Kazuya Yamamura, Kazuto Yamauchi, Hidekazu Mimura, Yasuhisa Sano, Akira Saito, Katsuyoshi Endo, Alexei Souvorov, Makina Yabashi, Kenji Tamasaku, Tetsuya Ishikawa, and Yuzo Mori pp. 4549-4553

Sample mounting and transfer mechanism for in situ IR-visible sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy in high-pressure ultrahigh vacuum system Minchul Yang, David C. Tang, and Gabor A. Somorjai pp. 4554-4557 Baffled probe for real-time measurement of space potential in magnetized plasma V. I. Demidov, S. M. Finnegan, M. E. Koepke, and E. W. Reynolds pp. 4558-4560 Inductance deep-level transient spectroscopy for determining temperature-dependent resistance and capacitance of Schottky diodes V. T. Rangel-Kuoppa and M. Pessa pp. 4561-4563 Fluorinert as a pressure-transmitting medium for high-pressure diffraction studies Tamas Varga, Angus P. Wilkinson, and Ross J. Angel pp. 4564-4566