Review of Scientific Instruments, 2000, V 71, N 10, October.


Josephson voltage standards Clark A. Hamilton pp. 3611-3623

Performance of a CsI photocathode in a hard x-ray streak camera Toru Hara, Yoshihito Tanaka, Hideo Kitamura, and Tetsuya Ishikawa pp. 3624-3626 Characterization of a subpicosecond x-ray streak camera for ultrashort laser-produced plasmas experiments P. Gallant, P. Forget, F. Dorchies, Z. Jiang, J. C. Kieffer, P. A. Jaanimagi, J. C. Rebuffie, C. Goulmy, J. F. Pelletier, and M. Sutton pp. 3627-3633 Experimental determination of the transmission factor for the Omicron EA125 electron analyzer P. Ruffieux, P. Schwaller, O. Gröning, L. Schlapbach, P. Gröning, Q. C. Herd, D. Funnemann, and J. Westermann pp. 3634-3639 Electron-yield x-ray absorption spectroscopy with gas microstrip detectors Trevor Rayment, Sven L. M. Schroeder, Geoffrey D. Moggridge, J. Edmond Bateman, Gareth E. Derbyshire, and Richard Stephenson pp. 3640-3645 An extended-cavity diode laser with a circular output beam G. P. T. Lancaster, W. Sibbett, and K. Dholakia pp. 3646-3647 A simple system of thermal control and frequency stabilization of solitary diode lasers E. Andreoni, J. H. Xu, S. Cartaleva, R. M. Celli, F. Mango, and S.Gozzini pp. 3648-3652 A modified Seya-Namioka monochromator with improved light intensity transfer Anthony M. Maletta and Philip M. Johnson pp. 3653-3656 Automatic and autonomous infrared system for remote sensing of forest fires M. F. Ugarte, A. J. de Castro, S. Briz, J. M. Aranda, and F. López pp. 3657-3661
A cold-cathode source of low-energy low-divergent broad ion beams N. V. Gavrilov, D. R. Emlin, and S. V. Kuleshov pp. 3662-3667 Continuous, dense, highly collimated sodium beam W. DeGraffenreid, J. Ramirez-Serrano, Y.-M. Liu, and J. Weiner pp. 3668-3676 Development of the Los Alamos continuous high average-power microsecond pulser ion accelerator L. J. Bitteker, B. P. Wood, H. A. Davis, W. J. Waganaar, I. D. Boyd, and R. H. Lovberg pp. 3677-3683 Transverse magnetic field propellant isolator John E. Foster pp. 3684-3688
Optimization and enhancement of H- ions in a magnetized sheet plasma Yohannes Abate and Henry J. Ramos pp. 3689-3695 Infrared imaging video bolometer B. J. Peterson pp. 3696-3701 Description and optimization of a wall-stabilized arc chamber S. Brugeat, H. Coitout, and M. J. Parizet pp. 3702-3705 IRMA: A tunable infrared multicomponent acquisition system for plasma diagnostics J. Röpcke, L. Mechold, M. Käning, J. Anders, F. G. Wienhold, D.Nelson, and M. Zahniser pp. 3706-3710 Energy and spatial resolved measurement of soft x-ray emission with photon counting x-ray charge coupled device camera in compact helical system Y. Liang, K. Ida, S. Kado, I. Nomura, and T. Minami pp. 3711-3717 Advanced impurity measurement for deuterium-tritium-burning plasmas using pulsed CO2 laser collective Thomson scattering S. Lee and T. Kondoh pp. 3718-3722 Helium doped hydrogen or deuterium beam as cost effective and simple tool for plasma spectroscopy H. D. Falter, M. Proschek, S. Menhart, F. Aumayr, HP. Winter, D. Ciric, S. Cox, A. Dines, D. Godden, N. Hawkes, and T. T. C. Jones pp. 3723-3727 Radio frequency ion source for plasma diagnostics in magnetic fusion experiments A. A. Ivanov, V. I. Davydenko, P. P. Deichuli, A. Kreter, V. V. Mishagin, A. A. Podminogin, I. V. Shikhovtsev, B. Schweer, and R.Uhlemann pp. 3728-3735 Impact strength of cryogenic deuterium pellets for injection into tokamak plasmas A. Lorenz, P. T. Lang, and R. S. Lang pp. 3736-3743 Improved stop cylinder loading scheme for a centrifuge pellet accelerator P. T. Lang, P. Cierpka, L. Horton, A. Lorenz, M. J. Watson, P. Twynam, A. Walden, S. Wijetunge, B. Willis, N. Hosogane, H. Hiratsuka, and K.Kizu pp. 3744-3746 Transport process of high-speed impurity pellets through curved guide tubes Hitoshi Nihei, Yuichi Ogawa, Toru Nakajima, and Shigeru Morita pp. 3747-3757
"Detector walk" in position-sensitive detectors with biased microchannel plates A. S. Tremsin, J. V. Vallerga, and O. H. W. Siegmund pp. 3758-3761 Million frames per second infrared imaging system Alan T. Zehnder, Pradeep R. Guduru, Ares J. Rosakis, and G.Ravichandran pp. 3762-3768 Experimental determination of scanning probe microscope cantilever spring constants utilizing a nanoindentation apparatus J. D. Holbery, V. L. Eden, M. Sarikaya, and R. M. Fisher pp. 3769-3776 A high pressure, high temperature, scanning tunneling microscope for in situ studies of catalysts Brandon L. Weeks, Colm Durkan, Hiromi Kuramochi, Mark E. Welland, and Trevor Rayment pp. 3777-3781 Cryogenic magnetic force microscope M. Roseman and P. Grütter pp. 3782-3787 Spring constant measurement of a bent near-field optical fiber probe Sy-Hann Chen, Heh-Nan Lin, and Pang-Ming Ong pp. 3788-3790
Electromagnetic levitation apparatus for investigations of the phase selection in undercooled melts by energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction C. Notthoff, H. Franz, M. Hanfland, D. M. Herlach, D. Holland-Moritz, and W. Petry pp. 3791-3796 Polarized reflectometer for the investigation of surface magnetism, the new polarized neutron reflectometer with polarization analysis at the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin C. Fermon, F. Ott, G. Legoff, H. Glättli, and V. Wintenberger pp. 3797-3800 Three-configurational surface magneto-optical Kerr effect measurement system for an ultrahigh vacuum in situ study of ultrathin magnetic films J.-W. Lee, J.-R. Jeong, D.-H. Kim, J. S. Ahn, J. Kim, and S.-C. Shin pp. 3801-3805 Nondestructive evaluation of steel structures using a superconducting quantum interference device magnetometer and a neural network system C. Hall Barbosa, M. Vellasco, M. A. Pacheco, A. C. Bruno, and C. S. Camerini pp. 3806-3815 High precision ac susceptometer for measuring the temperature and magnetic field dependence of the penetration depth in superconductor single crystals C. P. Bidinosti and W. N. Hardy pp. 3816-3821 Simultaneous measurement of liquid density and viscosity using remote query magnetoelastic sensors Craig A. Grimes, Dimitris Kouzoudis, and Casey Mungle pp. 3822-3824 High magnetic field corrections to resistance thermometers for low temperature Calorimetry Nathanael Fortune, Gayle Gossett, Lydia Peabody, Katherine Lehe, S.Uji, and H. Aoki pp. 3825-3830 High-energy (e, 2e) spectrometer for the study of the spectral momentum density of materials M. Vos, G. P. Cornish, and E. Weigold pp. 3831-3840 A modified dual-slope method for heat capacity measurements of condensable gases S. Pilla, J. A. Hamida, and N. S. Sullivan pp. 3841-3845 All-optical technique for measuring thermal properties of materials at static high pressure G. I. Pangilinan, H. D. Ladouceur, and T. P. Russell pp. 3846-3852 Separation of thermal wave induced displacements and thermoreflectance variations using a rotated beamsplitter cube interferometer C. J. Fiedler, J. W. Wagner, and K. E. Henseler pp. 3853-3859 Near-field acoustic densimeter and viscosimeter R. Patois, P. Vairac, and B. Cretin pp. 3860-3863
Real-time precision concentration measurement for flowing liquid solutions V. Krishna, C. H. Fan, and J. P. Longtin pp. 3864-3868 Design and characterization of collimated effusive gas beam sources: Effect of source dimensions and backing pressure on total flow and beam profile Jeffrey M. Guevremont, Stanley Sheldon, and Francisco Zaera pp. 3869-3881 High-pressure photoacoustic calorimetry John A. Daffron, Gerard J. Farrell, and Theodore J. Burkey pp. 3882-3885 A fast-response chemical ionization mass spectrometer for in situ measurements of HNO3 in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere J. A. Neuman, R. S. Gao, M. E. Schein, S. J. Ciciora, J. C. Holecek, T. L. Thompson, R. H. Winkler, R. J. McLaughlin, M. J. Northway, E. C.Richard, and D. W. Fahey pp. 3886-3894
High pressure-jump apparatus for kinetic studies of protein folding reactions using the small-angle synchrotron x-ray scattering technique J. Woenckhaus, R. Köhling, R. Winter, P. Thiyagarajan, and S. Finet pp. 3895-3899 A compact x-ray system for macromolecular crystallography Mikhail Gubarev, Ewa Ciszak, Igor Ponomarev, Walter Gibson, and Marshall Joy pp. 3900-3904
Trifilar torsion pendulum for measurement of dissipation caused by an electric field V. P. Mitrofanov and N. A. Styazhkina pp. 3905-3909 Computer monitoring and control of the GEO 600 gravitational wave detector M. M. Casey, H. Ward, and D. I. Robertson pp. 3910-3917
Direct coupling of high-speed optical detector preamplifiers Samuel I. Green pp. 3918-3920 Preamplifier and AD converter system for infrared focal plane arrays G. Penegor, E. H. Wishnow, and W. C. Danchi pp. 3921-3926 Microwave near-field imaging of conducting objects of a simple geometric shape M. Golosovsky, A. F. Lann, D. Davidov, and A. Frenkel pp. 3927-3932
Laser vector measurement technique for the determination and compensation of volumetric positioning errors. Part I: Basic theory Charles Wang pp. 3933-3937 Laser vector measurement technique for the determination and compensation of volumetric position errors. Part II:Experimental verification John Janeczko, Bob Griffin, and Charles Wang pp. 3938-3941 A falling head permeameter for the measurement of the hydraulic conductivity of granular solids M. A. Wilson, W. D. Hoff, R. J. E. Brown, and M. A. Carter pp. 3942-3946 Development and evaluation of a surface acoustic intensity probe Patricia L. Driesch, Hisao Iwata, Gary H. Koopmann, and Jeff Dosch pp. 3947-3952

Surface roughness measurement on microchannels by atomic force microscopy using a bent tapered fiber probe Sy-Hann Chen, Heh-Nan Lin, and Chii-Ron Yang pp. 3953-3954 Calibration of piezoelectric bimorphs for experiments in a surface forces apparatus Sung Chul Bae and Steve Granick pp. 3955-3957 Protected sample mount for vibrating sample magnetometer Vasiliy T. Gretchnev p. 3958 Explosively driven fast closing blast shutter E. L. Ruden and D. G. Gale pp. 3959-3961 Sources of resonance-related errors in capacitance versus voltage measurement systems Igor Polishchuk, George Brown, and Howard Huff pp. 3962-3963 On the calculation of the geometric factor in a van der Pauw sheet resistance measurement Winston K. Chan pp. 3964-3965

Erratum: "Microtensile device for stress-elongation tests on nonstandard specimens" [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 71, 2526 (2000)] F. P. Branca and F. Marinozzi p. 3966