Review of Scientific Instruments, 2003, V 74, N 1, January.


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A beam scattering instrument for the dynamics studies of surface-induced dissociation processes Anil K. Shukla and Jean H. Futrell pp. 168-175 Low-shear-rate capillary viscometer for polymer solution intrinsic viscosity determination at varying temperatures T. S. Rushing and R. D. Hester pp. 176-181
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Determination of aminolevulinic-acid-induced protoporphyrin IX in mice skin S. Stolik, S. A. Toma's, E. Ramo'n-Gallegos, A. Cruz-Orea, and F. Sa'nchez-Sinencio pp. 374-376 Photoacoustic monitoring of real time blood and hemolymph sedimentation A. Landa, J. J. Alvarado-Gil, G. Guti'errez-Jua'rez, and M. Vargas-Luna pp. 377-379 Depth profilometric case studies in caries diagnostics of human teeth using modulated laser radiometry and luminescence Raymond J. Jeon, Andreas Mandelis, and Stephen H. Abrams pp. 380-383 Photoacoustic monitoring of changes in the blood circulation Magdalena C. Pilatou, Ronald I. Siphanto, Leon N. A. van Adrichem, and Frits F. M. de Mul pp. 384-386 Determination of parameter [beta] for dual-wavelength pulsed photothermal profiling of human skin Boris Majaron, Thomas E. Milner, and J. Stuart Nelson pp. 387-389 Ricinus communis-based biopolymer and epidermal growth factor regulations on bone defect repair: A rat tibia model C. Mendoza-Barrera, M. Mele'ndez-Lira, V. Altuzar, and S. A. Toma's pp. 390-392 Optical method using fluence or radiance measurements to monitor thermal therapy Lee Chin, Mihaela Pop, William Whelan, Michael Sherar, and Alex Vitkin pp. 393-395 Experimental and computational aspects of optical property determination of turbid media using frequency-domain laser infrared photothermal radiometry Lena Nicolaides, Yan Chen, Andreas Mandelis, and I. Alex Vitkin p. 396 Comparative analysis of laser-based drug injection models Alexei S. Latyshev and Vladimir P. Zharov pp. 397-399
Femtosecond pump-probe nondestructive examination of materials (invited) Pamela M. Norris, Andrew P. Caffrey, Robert J. Stevens, J. Michael Klopf, James T. McLeskey, Jr. , and Andrew N. Smith pp. 400-406 Quantitative measurements of sliding friction coefficients of tribological interfaces with a new differential infrared radiometric instrument Andreas Mandelis, Li Li, Natalie Baddour, Rod C. Tennyson, and W. Don Morrison pp. 407-410 Pulse shaping in infrared thermography for nondestructive evaluation A. Ziadi, F. Galmiche, and X. Maldague pp. 411-413 Frequency dependence of the thermosonic effect Xiaoyan Han pp. 414-416 Progress in phase angle thermography A. Dillenz, T. Zweschper, G. Riegert, and G. Busse pp. 417-419
Evidence for viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion waves in the Earth's atmosphere (Invited) W. K. Hocking pp. 420-426 Periodic line heat source at the interface M. L. Shendeleva, J. A. Molloy, and N. N. Ljepojevic pp. 427-429 Determination of thermal diffusivity using the critical angle in thermal wave reflection at an interface M. L. Shendeleva pp. 430-432 Measurement of mass diffusivity in air using thermal wave interference detection J. A. P. Lima, M. G. da Silva, M. S. Sthel, S. L. Cardoso, H. Vargas, E. Marin, and L. C. M. Miranda pp. 433-436 Optical coherence and Doppler tomography for monitoring tissue changes induced by laser thermal therapy-An in vivo feasibility study Victor X. D. Yang, Julius Pekar, Stewart S. W. Lo, Maggie L. Gordon, Brian C. Wilson, and I. Alex Vitkin pp. 437-440 Nonstationary temperature distribution caused by bulk absorption of laser pulse Yuri Gurevich, Georgi Logvinov, Luis Nin~o de Rivera, and Oleg Titov pp. 441-443 Frequency-domain theory of laser infrared photothermal radiometric detection on thermal waves generated by diffuse-photon-density wave fields in turbid media Andreas Mandelis and Chris Feng p. 444
Generation and detection of H electrodiffusion waves A. Remhof, J. L. M. van Mechelen, N. J. Koeman, J. H. Rector, R. J. Wijngaarden, and R. Griessen pp. 445-447
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Acoustic waves at interfaces studied by laser ultrasonics (invited) C. Glorieux, K. Van de Rostyne, J. D. Beers, W. Gao, S. Petillion, N. Van Riet, K. A. Nelson, J. F. Allard, V. E. Gusev, W. Lauriks, and J. Thoen pp. 465-469 Laser generation of acoustic waves in an anisotropic medium; parametric analysis for application to material characterization C. Rossignol, H. Meri, and B. Audoin pp. 470-473 Theoretical treatment for photothermal depth profile of subsurface defects in opaque solids A. A. Hemida, S. Abdalla, A. F. Hassan, S. Negm, and H. Talaat pp. 474-478 Loss factor determination of composite laminates by the photoacoustic technique M. Navarrete and M. Villagra'n-Muniz pp. 479-481 Photothermally modulated ultrasound reflection U. Netzelmann and D. Bruch pp. 482-485
Trace gas monitoring by laser photoacoustic spectroscopy and related techniques (plenary) Markus W. Sigrist pp. 486-490 Photothermal trace detection in capillary electrophoresis for biomedical diagnostics and toxic materials (invited) Werner Faubel, Stefan Heissler, Ute Pyell, and Natalia Ragozina pp. 491-494 Measuring and predicting the thermoreflectance sensitivity as a function of wavelength on encapsulated materials G. Tessier, G. Jerosolimski, S. Hole', D. Fournier, and C. Filloy pp. 495-499 Atmospheric pollution profiles in Mexico City in two different seasons V. Altuzar, S. A. Toma's, O. Zelaya-Angel, F. Sa'nchez-Sinencio, and J. L. Arriaga pp. 500-502 Photoacoustic study of airborne and model aerosols A. Alebic-Juretic, C. Zetzsch, O. Do'ka, and D. Bicanic pp. 503-505 Use of thermal lensing for the determination of pyrogens N. V. Orlova, M. A. Proskurnin, V. A. Samburova, I. D. Dryagleva, and A. V. Brusnichkin pp. 506-508 Photoacoustic sensor system for the quantification of soot aerosols C. Haisch, H. Beck, and R. Niessner p. 509 On the use of photothermal techniques for monitoring constructed wetlands C. E. N. Gatts, R. T. Faria, Jr., H. Vargas, L. S. Lannes, G. T. Aragon, and A. R. C. Ovalle pp. 510-512 Diesel engines gas emissions monitored by photoacoustic spectroscopy D. U. Schramm, M. S. Sthel, M. G. da Silva, L. O. Carneiro, A. P. Souza, and H. Vargas pp. 513-515 Resonant photoacoustic detection of NO2 traces with a Q-switched green laser Vero'nica Slezak, Jorge Codnia, Alejandro L. Peuriot, and Guillermo Santiago pp. 516-518
Real-time imaging of surface acoustic waves in thin films and microstructures on opaque substrates Y. Sugawara, O. B. Wright, and O. Matsuda pp. 519-522 Novel approach for the analysis of infrared photothermal microscopy data S. Paoloni and D. Fournier pp. 523-525 Thermal wave and acoustic investigation of thyristor structures Z. Suszynski, R. Arsoba, P. Majchrzak, A. Napieralski, and W. Tylman pp. 526-528 Spectroscopic photothermal radiometry as a deep subsurface depth profilometric technique in semiconductors D. Shaughnessy and A. Mandelis pp. 529-532 Investigation of metal-glaze structures with photoacoustic and infrared methods Z. Suszynski, P. Majchrzak, R. Arsoba, A. Napieralski, and W. Tylman pp. 533-535 Mirage effect spectrometry and light profile microscopy: Two views of an optical depth profile J. F. Power, S. W. Fu, and O. V. Nepotchatykh p. 536 Microscopic thermal characterization of composites Julien Jumel, Franc,ois Lepoutre, Jean-Paul Roger, Gunther Neuer, Michel Cataldi, and Franck Enguehart pp. 537-539 Microscopic thermoelastic characterizations by interferometric photothermal microscopy Julien Jumel, Franc,ois Lepoutre, Denis Rochais, and Franck Enguehard pp. 540-542 Autofocusing system for a photothermal microscope Fre'de'ric Taillade, N. N. Hoang, Julien Jumel, and Franc,ois Lepoutre pp. 543-544
Dynamics of the plasma and thermal waves in surface-modified semiconductors (invited) Alex Salnick and Jon Opsal pp. 545-549 Investigation of the annealing effect on the nonradiative carrier recombination in AlGaAs/GaAs utilizing the piezoelectric photothermal technique A. Fukuyama, R. Ohno, Y. Akashi, and T. Ikari pp. 550-552 Photothermal microscopy of silicon epitaxial layer on silicon substrate with depletion region at the interface T. Ikari, J. P. Roger, and D. Fournier pp. 553-555 Photoacoustic effect in semiconductors: Influence of field temperature on carrier diffusion and recombination L. Villegas-Lelovsky, G. Gonza'lez de la Cruz, Yu. G. Gurevich, and I. N. Volovichev pp. 556-558 Contrast enhancement of modulated optical reflectance microscopy of semiconductor devices D. Dietzel, H. Roecken, B. K. Bein, and J. Pelzl pp. 559-562 Study of low energy implants for ultrashallow junctions using thermal wave and optical techniques Lena Nicolaides, Alex Salnick, and Jon Opsal pp. 563-565 Piezoelectric and pyroelectric study of Zn1-x-yBexMnySe mixed crystals J. Zakrzewski, F. Firszt, S. Legowski, H. Meczynska, M. Pawlak, and A. Marasek pp. 566-568 Characterization of chemical-bath-deposited CdS thin films doped with methylene blue S. A. Toma's, S. Stolik, V. Altu'zar, O. Zelaya, R. Lozada, J. J. Carmona, O. Portillo, and J. A. Da'vila pp. 569-571 Photoacoustic investigation of Cd1-xMnxTe mixed crystals J. Zakrzewski, F. Firszt, S. Legowski, H. Meczynska, A. Marasek, and M. Pawlak pp. 572-574 Nonradiative recombination processes of carriers in InGaN/GaN probed by the microscopic transient lens spectroscopy Koichi Okamoto, Kenichi Inoue, Yoichi Kawakami, Shigeo Fujita, Masahide Terazima, Ayumu Tsujimura, and Isao Kidoguchi pp. 575-577 Photothermal and electronic elastic effects in microelectromechanical structures D. M. Todorovic pp. 578-581 Plasma, thermal, and elastic waves in semiconductors D. M. Todorovic pp. 582-585 Nondestructive analysis of ultrashallow junctions using thermal wave technology Lena Nicolaides, Alex Salnick, and Jon Opsal pp. 586-588 Boundary conditions in theory of photothermal processes in solids Yuri Gurevich, Georgi Logvinov, and Igor Lashkevich pp. 589-591 Investigation of nonradiative transition processes in p- and n-type silicon single crystals by piezoelectric photothermal spectroscopy Aftab A. Memon, Atsuhiko Fukuyama, Syoichiro Sato, and Tetsuo Ikari pp. 592-594 A contribution of carrier transport processes to the photoacoustic effects in doped narrow gap semiconductors K. T. Radulovic, P. M. Nikolic, D. Vasiljevic-Radovic, D. M. Todorovic, S. S. Vujatovic, A. I. Bojicic, V. Blagojevic, and D. Urosevic pp. 595-597 Multilayer models in the piezo-PAS analysis of AII-BVI compounds M. Malinski and J. Zakrzewski pp. 598-600 Dependence of thermal conductivity of porous silicon on porosity characterized by photoacoustic technique Qing Shen and Taro Toyoda pp. 601-603 Systematical analysis of laser beam modulated optical reflectance signals D. Dietzel, B. K. Bein, and J. Pelzl pp. 604-607 Thermal and elastic characterizations by photothermal microscopy (invited) Julien Jumel, Denis Rochais, Franck Enguehard, and Franc,ois Lepoutre pp. 608-611
Development of the laser absorption radiation thermometry technique to measure thermal diffusivity in addition to temperature Andrew Levick, Killian Lobato, and Gordon Edwards pp. 612-614 The photoelastic effect evaluation by means of photothermal deflection technique S. Paoloni and M. Bertolotti pp. 615-617 Analysis of the photopyroelectric signal for investigating thermal parameters of pyroelectric materials A. Hadj Sahraoui, S. Longuemart, D. Dadarlat, S. Delenclos, C. Kolinsky, and J. M. Buisine pp. 618-620 Development of photothermal near-field scanning optical microscope photothermal near-field scanning optical microscope Masanori Fujinami, Kiminori Toya, and Tsuguo Sawada pp. 621-623 Common-mode-rejection demodulation lock-in technique for high-resolution characterization of ion implantation in silicon wafers Felipe Ra'bago and Andreas Mandelis pp. 624-627 (71 kB) Counting particles by means of optoacoustics: Potential limits in real solutions Tom Autrey, Sergey Egerev, Nancy S. Foster, Andrey Fokin, and Oleg Ovchinnikov pp. 628-631 Thermal resistance of adhesive tapes measured by the photopyroelectric method M. Chirtoc, I. Chirtoc, S. Pittois, C. Glorieux, and J. Thoen pp. 632-634 Photopyropiezoelectric elastic bending method D. M. Todorovic, P. M. Nikolic, A. Bojicic, M. Smiljanic, D. G. Vasiljevic- Radovic, and K. T. Radulovic pp. 635-638 Application of an optical birefringence interferometer to photothermal detection for characterizing thermal diffusivities X. D. Xu, S. Y. Zhang, and P. K. Kuo pp. 639-641 Signal processing in pulsed photoacoustic detection of traces by means of a fast Fourier transform-based method Vero'nica Slezak pp. 642-644 Imaging setup for temperature, topography, and surface displacement measurements of microelectronic devices S. Grauby, S. Dilhaire, S. Jorez, and W. Claeys pp. 645-647 Current mode versus voltage mode measurement of signals from pyroelectric sensors M. Chirtoc, E. H. Bentefour, J. S. Antoniow, C. Glorieux, J. Thoen, S. Delenclos, A. H. Sahraoui, S. Longuemart, C. Kolinsky, and J. M. Buisine pp. 648-650 Optical properties in the visible and infrared spectrum of fiber-reinforced composites determined by combined photoacoustic and IR detection J. Gibkes, J. L. N. Fotsing, D. Dietzel, B. K. Bein, and J. Pelzl p. 651 High-sensitivity photothermal radiometry measurement using a mirrored liquid sample vessel for multireflection of a pumping beam Atsushi Yarai, Yoshitsugu Okamoto, and Takuji Nakanishi pp. 652-654 High resolution infrared "vision" of dynamic electron processes in semiconductor devices V. K. Malyutenko p. 655
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