Review of Scientific Instruments, 1999, V 70, N 1, Jan.


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Multichannel photon counting instrument for spatially resolved near infrared spectroscopy Vasilis Ntziachristos, XuHui Ma, A. G. Yodh, and Britton Chance pp. 193-201 A new high-sensitivity 10-ns time-resolution spectrophotometric technique adapted to in vivo analysis of the photosynthetic apparatus Daniel Béal, Fabrice Rappaport, and Pierre Joliot pp. 202-207
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Very low friction rotator for use at low temperatures and high magnetic fields E. C. Palm and T. P. Murphy pp. 237-239

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Nakayama pp. 435-438 New dc magnetic sensor M. J. Schaffer pp. 439-441 Movable magnetic probe array for toroidal Alfven eigenmodes study in the compact helical system heliotron/torsatron M. Takechi and K. Toi , CHS Group pp. 442-444 A rotating coil probe for the magnetic field measurement on a long pulsed tokamak J. Fujita, K. Matsuura, K. Kawahata, S. Fujiwaka, S. Itoh, K. N. Sato, K. Nakamura, H. Zushi, M. Sakamoto, K. Hanada, E. Jotaki, and K. Makino pp. 445-448 High precision pick-up (Mirnov) coils for disruption studies in the T-11M and TCABR tokamaks I. Semenov, S. Mirnov, I. C. Nascimento, R. M. O. Galvao, Yu. Kuznetsov, A. Belov, and A. Vannucci pp. 449-451 Design of the magnetic diagnostic for ITER L. de Kock, C. Walker, E. Coccorese, A. E. Costley, M. Dremin, J. Gernhardt, S. Kasai, I. Senda, T. Shoji, J. Leuer, R. Snider, P. McCarthy, A. Portone, P. Stott, and K. Young pp. 452-457 Irradiation effects on potential diagnostic materials and components (abstract) A. Costley, L. Dekock, S. Yamamoto, V. Belyakov, S. Bender, K. Ebisawa, E. Farnum, E. Hodgson, S. Kasai, A. Krasilnikov, T. Nishitani, D. Orlinski, T. Shikama, R. Snider, P. Stott et al. , ITER Joint Central Teams and Home Teams p. 458 A summary of the U.S. contribution to ITER diagnostics design and research and development during the engineering design activity (abstract) Kenneth M. Young , Members of the U.S. Home Team p. 459 Development of vacuum seals for diagnostic windows of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor A. Nagashima, T. Nishitani, T. Fujisawa, T. Sugie, and S. Kasai pp. 460-463 Axial diagnostic package for Z T. J. Nash, M. S. Derzon, G. A. Chandler, D. Fehl, R. Leeper, M. Hurst, D. Jobe, J. Torres, J. Seaman, S. Lazier, T. Gilliland, and J. McGurn pp. 464-467 Fielding of the on-axis diagnostic package at Z M. J. Hurst, T. J. Nash, M. Derzon, J. W. Kellogg, J. Torres, J. McGurn, J. Seaman, D. Jobe, and S. E. Lazier pp. 468-470 Experimental configuration of direct drive cylindrical implosions on the OMEGA laser Cris W. Barnes, David L. Tubbs, J. B. Beck, N. M. Hoffman, K. A. Klare, J. A. Oertel, R. G. Watt, T. R. Boehly, D. K. Bradley, and J. P. Knauer pp. 471-475 Overview of probe diagnostics on the H-1 heliac D. L. Rudakov, M. G. Shats, R. W. Boswell, C. Charles, and J. Howard pp. 476-479 Diagnostics for initial plasma operations on the National Spherical Torus Experiment R. Kaita, R. Hatcher, D. Johnson, H. Kugel, B. McCormack, and A. L. Roquemore , the NSTX Team pp. 480-483 X-ray diagnostics on WENDELSTEIN 7-AS A. Weller, C. Görner, and D. Gonda pp. 484-488 Spectroscopic diagnostics of an atmospheric microwave plasma for monitoring metals pollution P. P. Woskov, K. Hadidi, M. C. Borrás, P. Thomas, K. Green, and G. J. Flores pp. 489-492 Low velocity boron micro-pellet injector for edge and core impurity transport measurements H. W. Kugel, J. Gorman, R. Kaita, T. Munsat, and D. Stutman pp. 493-497 TJ-II data retrieving by means of a client/server model J. Vega, E. Sánchez, C. Crémy, A. Portas, C. M. Dulya, and J. Nilsson pp. 498-501 Systems for remote participation in JT-60 experiments T. Matsuda, T. Tsugita, T. Oshima, M. Sato, S. Sakata, M. Koiwa, K. Hamamatsu, T. Nishitani, and N. Saitoh pp. 502-504 A low cost PCI-VME controller for control and data acquisition systems on fusion experiments B. B. Carvalho, J. Sousa, and C. A. F. Varandas pp. 505-508 Two fast VME transient recorder systems with 12 bits and multiple differential inputs C. Correia, A. Combo, M. Correia, J. B. Simőes, P. Coelho, B. B. Carvalho, J. Sousa, and C. A. F. Varandas pp. 509-512 Multiprocessor architecture to handle TJ-II VXI-based digitization channels C. Crémy, J. Vega, E. Sánchez, C. M. Dulya, and A. Portas pp. 513-516 Applying object oriented concepts to on-line data acquisition C. M. Dulya, C. Crémy, J. Vega, E. Sánchez, and A. Portas pp. 517-520 Neural network evaluation of reflectometry density profiles for control purposes J. Santos, F. Nunes, M. Manso, and I. Nunes pp. 521-524 Recent progress in high-energy, high-resolution x-ray imaging techniques for application to the National Ignition Facility (invited) J. A. Koch, O. L. Landen, B. A. Hammel, C. Brown, J. Seely, and Y. Aglitskiy pp. 525-529 X-ray crystal imagers for inertial confinement fusion experiments (invited) Y. Aglitskiy, T. Lehecka, S. Obenschain, C. Pawley, C. M. Brown, and J. Seely pp. 530-535 Hohlraum symmetry measurements with surrogate solid targets (invited) S. G. Glendinning, P. Amendt, B. D. Cline, R. B. Ehrlich, B. A. Hammel, D. H. Kalantar, O. L. Landen, R. E. Turner, R. J. Wallace, T. J. Weiland, N. Dague, J.-P. Jadaud, D. K. Bradley, G. Pien, and S. Morse pp. 536-542 Measurements of laser-hole boring into overdense plasmas using x-ray laser refractometry (invited) R. Kodama, K. Takahashi, K. A. Tanaka, Y. Kato, K. Murai, F. Weber, T. W. Barbee, and L. B. DaSilva pp. 543-548 Modeling a one-dimensional bremsstrahlung and neutron imaging array for use on Sandia's Z machine G. A. Rochau, M. S. Derzon, D. Fehl, G. E. Rochau, S. Lazier, and D. Droemer pp. 549-552 Measurement of the photon field, E > 150 eV on Sandia's Z Facility G. E. Rochau, M. Derzon, D. Fehl, G. A. Rochau, M. A. Sweeney, D. Tabor, S. E. Lazier, D. Droemer, T. Helvin, and R. Starbird pp. 553-556 Measurement and simulation of apertures on Z hohlraums R. E. Chrien, W. Matuska, Jr., G. Idzorek, F. J. Swenson, D. L. Peterson, B. H. Wilde, J. L. Porter, S. P. Breeze, L. E. Ruggles, W. W. Simpson, and M. Vargas pp. 557-560 Filtered x-ray diode diagnostics fielded on the Z accelerator for source power measurements G. A. Chandler, C. Deeney, M. Cuneo, D. L. Fehl, J. S. McGurn, R. B. Spielman, J. A. Torres, J. L. McKenney, J. Mills, and K. W. Struve pp. 561-565 Implications of high-energy photons and electrons on target preheat at the Sandia ``Z'' facility M. Derzon, T. Nash, G. Chandler, G. Cooper, D. Fehl, C. Hall, J. Lash, R. Leeper, E. McGuire, R. Mock, R. Olsen, C. Olson, G. E. Rochau, G. A. Rochau, C. Ruiz et al. pp. 566-568 Streaked x-ray diagnostic for Double EAGLE z-pinch radiation sources B. H. Failor and C. A. Coverdale pp. 569-571 Ultrasoft x-ray imaging system for the National Spherical Torus Experiment D. Stutman, M. Finkenthal, V. Soukhanovskii, M. J. May, H. W. Moos, and R. Kaita pp. 572-576 Effects of neutrons on semiconductor x-ray detectors including n-type Joint European Torus and p-type GAMMA 10 tomography detectors T. Cho, J. Kohagura, M. Hirata, Y. Sakamoto, T. Numakura, R. Minami, T. Sasuga, Y. Nishizawa, T. Okamura, T. Tamano, K. Yatsu, S. Miyoshi, K. Hirano, and H. Maezawa pp. 577-580 An optimized multifoil soft x-ray spectrometer for the determination of the electron temperature with high time resolution A. Murari, P. Franz, L. Zabeo, R. Bartiromo, L. Carraro, G. Gadani, L. Marrelli, P. Martin, R. Pasqualotto, and M. Valisa pp. 581-585 Edge x-ray imaging measurements of plasma edge in Alcator C-Mod T. Sunn Pedersen and R. S. Granetz pp. 586-590 Toroidal cartography of the high-m magnetic islands in tokamak plasma P. V. Savrukhin, S. V. Tsaun, S. V. Grashin, L. N. Khimchenko, D. A. Kislov, I. V. Klimanov, I. B. Semenov, and A. V. Sushkov pp. 591-594 Application of x-ray imaging to current profile measurements in the PEGASUS experiment K. Tritz, R. Fonck, and T. Thorson pp. 595-598 High speed tangential soft x-ray camera for the study of magnetohydrodynamics instabilities S. von Goeler, R. Kaita, M. Bitter, G. Fuchs, M. Poier, G. Bertschinger, H. R. Koslowski, K. Toi, S. Ohdachi, and A. Donné pp. 599-602 Derivation of local impurity transport quantities from soft-x radiation evolution during tracer injection at W7-AS R. Burhenn and A. Weller , The ECRH Group pp. 603-607 Advanced one-dimensional x-ray microscope for the Omega Laser Facility Guy R. Bennett pp. 608-612 One-dimensional x-ray microscope for shock measurements in high-density aluminum plasmas J. Workman, T. Tierney, S. Evans, G. Kyrala, and J. Benage, Jr. pp. 613-616 A high-energy x-ray microscope for inertial confinement fusion F. J. Marshall and G. R. Bennett pp. 617-619 Two-dimensional sampling-image x-ray streak camera for ultrafast imaging of inertial confinement fusion plasmas H. Shiraga, M. Nakasuji, M. Heya, and N. Miyanaga pp. 620-623 Noise and sensitivity of x-ray framing cameras at Nike (abstract) C. J. Pawley, A. V. Deniz, and T. Lehecka p. 624 Development of a two-dimensional space-resolved high speed sampling camera R. Kodama, K. Okada, and Y. 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