Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999. V 60, N7, June.

Strain effects in CdxZn1-xTe/ZnTe double quantum wells
857 -- 860
TW Kim, DU Lee, JW Cho, YS Lim, JY Lee, HL Park
Vibrational spectra of superionic crystals (BaF2)1-x(LaF3)x
861 -- 866
F Kadlec, P Simon, N Raimboux
Carrier effects on exciton-exciton interaction in quantum wells
867 -- 875
A Thilagam
Investigation of optical absorption in Sb-Se glassy alloys
877 -- 882
M Singh, DR Goyal, AS Maan
Change of the critical temperature of high Tc single (2223) 
phase Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductors by intercalation process
883 -- 890
D Trong On, O Sato, A Fujishima, K Hashimoto

Diffusion of oxygen in silver
891 -- 894
JK Baird, TR King, C Stein
Thermodynamic study on thermochromic phase transition in 
isopropylammonium trichlorocuprate
895 -- 904
A Nishimori, M Sorai
A high-resolution compton scattering study of Cu: 
Experiment and theory
905 -- 910
Y Sakurai, S Kaprzyk, A Bansil, Y Tanaka, G Stutz, H Kawata, N Shiotani
Hebb-Wagner-type polarization/relaxation in the presence of
the cross effect between electronic and ionic flows in a mixed conductor
911 -- 927
Electron paramagnetic resonance investigations of Gd3+ 
in Cs2NaYCl6 in the 6 to 473 K temperature range
929 -- 933
RJ Gleason, JL Boldu, E Munoz P.
Microstructural electrical and transmittance properties of PbTiO3 
films grown on p-InP (100) substrates at low temperature
935 -- 942
TW Kim, SS Yom
Thermal stability of mesoporous silica molecular sieve
943 -- 947
G Gu, PP Ong, C Chu
Preparation and structural characterization of star-shaped 
C60-p-methylstyrene copolymers
949 -- 956
Y Chen, J Wang, B Yu, R Cai, Z Huang

Thermoluminescence of OH-doped rubidium halides
957 -- 963
C Furetta, MT Laudadio, C Sanipoli, A Scacco, JM Gomez-Ros, V Correcher
Room-temperature conversion route to nanocrystalline mercury 
chalcogenides HgE(E=S,Se,Te)
965 -- 968
YADONG Li, Y Ding, H Liao, Y Qian
The structures and the hydrolysis rates of the dehydrates prepared from H3BO3
969 -- 973
YY Kim, JT Lim, SH Park
Phase transition and crystal structures of BaZn2Si2O7
975 -- 983
J Lin, GX Lu, J Du, MZ Su, CK Loong, Jr JW Richardson
Phonon spectra evolution and soft-mode instabilities of zirconia 
during the c-t-m transformation
985 -- 992
AP Mirgorodsky, MB Smirnov, PE Quintard
The crystal structure of the 2-dimensional polymeric complexes 
dibromo(4,4'-bipyridyl)iron(II) and dichloro(4,4'-bipyridyl)iron(II) 
by powder X-ray and neutron diffraction
993 -- 998
M James
Pressure-induced disorder in hydrated Na-A zeolite
999 -- 1002
RA Secco, Y Huang