Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 6.

Magnetism of neodymium trifluoromethanesulfonate nonahydrate and 
effects of the crystal field
709 -- 713
KN Chattopadhyay, D Neogy

Electronic structure of fluorine doped graphite nanoclusters
715 -- 721
R Saito, M Yagi, T Kimura, G Dresselhaus, MS Dresselhaus
Heat capacity of high-purity bis(4-chlorophenyl)methanone 
below room temperature
723 -- 727
S Huzisawa, K Saito, I Ikemoto
Study on a new tetragonal phase of Nb-doped lead titanate 
zirconate by synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction
729 -- 735
H Liu, H Toraya
Boron trichloride graphite intercalation compound studied
by selected area electron diffraction and scanning tunneling microscopy
737 -- 741
J Walter, H Shioyama
Structural and electrical properties of Tl2WO4 ceramics
743 -- 747
S Sharma, RNP Choudhary
Hyperfine interactions in the perovskites SrHfO3 and BaHfO3 
observed with 111In/111Cd perturbed angular correlations
749 -- 757
P De La Presa, RE Alonso, A Ayala, S Habenicht, 
VV Krishnamurthy, KP Lieb, A Lopez Garcia, M Neubauer, M Uhrmacher
Interaction of oxovanadium(IV) with crystalline calcium 
hydroxyapatite: surface mechanism with no structural modification
759 -- 766
ED Vega, JC Pedregosa, GE Narda
Diffuse phase transition in Ca-modified Pb(Li1/4La1/4Mo1/2)O3 
ferroelectric ceramics
767 -- 772
S Bera, RNP Choudhary
Temperature dependence of the colleective phonon relaxation time 
and acoustic damping in Ge and Si
773 -- 785
GG Sahasrabudhe, SD Lambade
Ab initio XANES calculations for KCI and PbS
787 -- 790
AA Lavrentyev, BV Gabrelian, IY Nikiforov, JJ Rehr
Characterization of magnetic iron and nickel vapor deposited films
791 -- 798
AL Cabrera, M Pino-Leiva, V Fuenzalida, RA Zarate
Nature of energy bands of MgxZn1-xTe mixed crystals near the absorption edge
799 -- 805
SJ Chung, Y Kwon, CS Yoon, BH Kim, D Cha, CD Kim, WT Kim, CU Hong
Strain effects on the energy band-gap in oxygenated CdTe thin 
films studied by photoreflectance
807 -- 811
LN Alejo-Armenta, FJ Espinoza-Beltran, CA Alejo-Armenta, 
C Vazquez-Lopez, H Arizpe-Chavez, R Ramirez-Bon, O Zelaya-Angel, 
J Gonzalez-Hernandez
Comparison between the electron paramagnetic resonance spectra 
obtained in X and W bands on a fired clay: a preliminary study
813 -- 818
Y Bensimon, B Deroide, JV Zanchetta
Raman spectroscopy of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate 
force field calculations
819 -- 825
Y Repelin, E Husson, F Bennani, C Proust

Phase transition and EOS of zinc sulfide (Zns) under 
shock and static compressions up to 135 GPa
827 -- 837
M Uchino, T Mashimo, M Kodama, T Kobayashi, E Takasawa, 
T Sekine, Y Noguchi, H Hikosaka, K Fukuoka, Y Syono, T Kondo, T Yagi
Enhanced ionic transport in NaCl-Al203 heterogeneous elestrolytes
839 -- 847
F Beniere, KV Reddy
Phonons in ultrathin layered structures
849 -- 854
SB Lazarev, DL Mirjanic, MR Pantic, BS Tosic, JP Setrajcic
Erratum to Trapped hole centres containing lithium 
and sodium in MgO, CaO and SrO.  An ab initio supercell study"
855 -- 855
A Lichanot, C Larrieu, C Zicovich-Wilson, C Roetti, R Orlando, R Dovesi