Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 5.

 Distribution of metal ions and magnetic susceptibility in       573 -- 577
 CuGaMnO4 spinel
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 Superconductivity in alkali metal doped fullerenes (K3C60): a   579 -- 585
 phonon mechanism
 D Varshney, M Varshney, RK Singh, R Mishra

 X-ray study of crystal structure and diffuse scattering spectra 587 -- 598
 of ferroelectric SbSBr having pseudo-jahn-teller phase
 T Inushima

 Studies of the zero-field splitting and g factors for V3+ in    599 -- 601
 CuAlS2 crystal
 WC Zheng, SY Wu

 Analysis of melting of ionic solids based on the thermal        603 -- 606
 equation of state
 J Shanker, MP Sharma, SS Kushwah

 The single-triplet Pseudo-Jahn-Teller Centers in copper oxides  607 -- 623
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 Transmission electron microscopy studies of Pb(Zr0.99Ti0.01)O3  625 -- 629
 single crystals
 N Menguyr, B Hilczer, K Roleder, J Dec

 Raman and infrared hard mode spectroscopy of the internal       631 -- 643
 vibrations in Sn2P2Se6
 SWH Eijt, MM Maior

 Kinetics of formation of vanadates MV206 (M=Sr Mg)              645 -- 650
 (crystallochemical aspect)
 TI Krasnenko, OA Zabara, LV Zolotukhina, AA Fotiev

 Lattice energies of calcite-structure metal carbonates III.     651 -- 661
 theoretical excess energies for solid solutions (Ca, M)CO3
 [M=Cd, Mn, or Fe]
 GK Mandell, PA Rock, WH Fink, WH Casey

 Modification of the thermoelectric properties of CePd3 by the   663 -- 671
 substitution of neodymium and thorium
 KJ Proctor, CDW Jones, FJ Disalvo

 Structural dielectric and electrical behaviour of               673 -- 679
 NaTaXO6(X=W,Mo) ceramics
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 Cluster-model density functional study of a W-Cu(100) STM       681 -- 688
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 Superconductivity of LaRu4X12(X=P, As and Sb) with skutterudite 689 -- 695
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 Alkali-halide lattice energies, melting, and the scaling of     697 -- 699
 lattice properties
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 X and Q band EPR studies of Cu0.5Zr2(PO4)3 phosphates           701 -- 707
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