Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2000, V 61, N 4, April.

Zheng Wen-Chen, Wu Shao-Yi and Li Wei
Studies of the changes of Mn-Y (Y=S, Se, Te) bond lengths R
with the Mn composition x in Zn1[-]xMnxY alloys from optical spectrum data 

 J. Vázquez, P.L. López-Alemany, P. Villares and R. Jiménez-Garay
Generalization of the Avrami equation for the analysis of
non-isothermal transformation kinetics. Application to the
crystallization of the Cu0.20As0.30Se0.50 alloy  

 A.P. Mirgorodsky, T. Merle-Méjean, J.-C. Champarnaud, P. Thomas
 and B. Frit
Dynamics and structure of TeO2 polymorphs: model treatment of
paratellurite and tellurite; Raman scattering evidence for   
new [gamma]- and [delta]-phases

 H. Arizpe-Chávez et al.
Quantum confinement effects in CdTe nanostructured films
prepared by the RF sputtering technique    

 R.H. Chen, R.-J. Wang, T.M Chen and C.S. Shern
Studies on the dielectric properties and structural phase
transition of K2SO4 crystal    

 T.W. Kim and Y.S. Yoon
Microstructural and electrical properties of
Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 films grown on p-InSb (111) substrates at
low temperature 

 A. Subekti, E.M. Goldys and T.L. Tansley
Characterisation of undoped gallium antimonide grown by
metalorganic chemical vapour deposition    

 H. Tichá, L. Tichý, P. Nagels, E. Sleeckx and R. Callaerts
Temperature dependence of the optical gap in thin amorphous
films of As2S3, As2Se3 and other basic non-crystalline

 Karen A. Cummings and Subhash H. Risbud
Dielectric materials for window applications

 K.Y. Rajpure and C.H. Bhosale
Effect of composition on the structural, optical and
electrical properties of sprayed Sb2S3 thin films prepared
from non-aqueous medium 

 P. Bouvier and G. Lucazeau
Raman spectra and vibrational analysis of nanometric
tetragonal zirconia under high pressure    

 G. Fonthal, L. Tirado-Mejía, J.I. Marín-Hurtado, H. Ariza-Calderón
 and J.G. Mendoza-Alvarez
Temperature dependence of the band gap energy of crystalline

 C. Boulesteix et al.
Use of out-of-plane resistivity for determination of the 2D
or 3D character of superconductive fluctuations for Bi-2212
crystals in the mixed state and origin of anomalous high 
out-of-plane resistivity for weakly oxidized crystals

 S.A. Mezzasalma
Semiclassical approach for isothermal densification of a
solid body driven by diffusion-like mechanisms   

 F. Marinelli, P. Masri and A. Lichanot
Ab initio calculations of elastic properties and electronic
structure of calcium selenide  

 R. Stoyanova, M. Gorova and E. Zhecheva
EPR of Mn4+ in spinels Li1+xMn2[-]xO4 with 0[<=]x[<=]0.1

 R. Stoyanova, M. Gorova and E. Zhecheva
EPR monitoring of Mn4+ distribution in Li4Mn5O12 spinels

 T. Marek et al.
Temperature dependence of solid state 1H NMR line shapes and
M2 in polycrystalline BF4[-] salts of 1-propyltetrazole
complexes of iron(II) and zinc(II) 

 Z.R. Xu and R.B. McLellan
The thermodynamics and solubility of hydrogen in FeAl

 B.K. Kim, G.Y. Kang, J.K. Yoon and J.H. Ro
The photorefractive effects of Fe and Fe+Ce doped LiTaO3
single crystal     

 Y.A. Yang and J.N. Yao
Microstructural properties of an electrochromic WO3 thin film