Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 3, March.

 A model for positron trapping in MgO including capture of       291 -- 297
 self-trapped positrons by H- and D- ions
 MAM Alcazar, R Pareja, R Gonzalez, Y Chen

 Fluorescence properties of uranyl nitrates                      299 -- 304
 AF Leung, L Hayashibara, J Spadaro

 An ab initio approach to bulk and surface properties of many    305 -- 315
 body energies and adsorptivity in MgO crystal
 AS Shalabi, AM El-Mahdy

 Structural features of the congruently melting compounds        317 -- 324
 MLi(NO3)2(M=K,Rb,Cs) inferred from their raman spectra
 K Xu, Y Chen

 The change of Eu3+ -surroundings in the system Al2O3-B2O3       325 -- 329
 containing Eu3+ ions
 H You, G Hong

 Crystal field studies on magnetic and nuclear properties of Yb2 331 -- 336
 Ti 2O7
 A Sengupta, J Jana, D Ghosh

 Electronic structure and optical properties of neodymium        337 -- 346
 M De, SK De

 Statistical mechanics of hydrogen in F.C.C. solid solutions     347 -- 351
 RB Mclellan

 Oxygen related donors in czochralski-grown silicon annealed at  353 -- 358
 O Prakash, S Singh

 Investigations of the zero-field splitting and the first        359 -- 361
 excited state splitting and their stress dependences for
 Al2O3:Mn4+ crystal
 WC Zheng

 Investigation on intercalated graphite with metals by the       363 -- 366
 method of chemical bond parameter function
 S Jianxin, W Yongde

 Theoretical studies of EPR g factor for Ti2+ ions in II-VI      367 -- 370
 WC Zheng, SY Wu

 Stimulated luminescence and photo-gated hole burning in         371 -- 378
 BaFC10.8Br0.2:Sm2+ Sm3+ phosphors
 WD Chen, MZ Su

 Gd2O3:Eu phosphor particles with sphericity, submicron size and 379 -- 384
 non-aggregation characteristics
 YC Kang, K Okuyama, SB Park, IW Lenggoro

 A comparison of the various thermal treatments of chemically    385 -- 392
 deposited bismuth sulfide thin films and the effect on the
 structural and electrical properties
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 The influence of hydrostatic pressure on hysteresis phase       393 -- 399
 transition in spin crossover compounds
 V Ksenofontov, H Spiering, A Schreiner, G Levchenko, HA Goodwin, P Gutlich

 Energy transfer between carbazole and anthracene moieties       401 -- 405
 organised in langmuir-blodgett films
 K Ray, T Misra

 Thermal depolarisation studies in leukolite (polycrystalline    407 -- 414
 magnesite MgCO3)
 AN Papathanassiou

 Solvent-thermal preparation of nanocrystalline tin chalcogenide 415 -- 417
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 Electronic properties and strain effects in zinc blende GaN and 419 -- 424
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 Pyroelectric behaviour of pure and lanthanum doped lead         425 -- 428
 germanate single crystal
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