Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 12.

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Keyword index vol 60-autogenerate

Analysis of thermal expansion coefficients under the effect of high
temperature for minerals 
1895 -- 1896
V Pal, M Singh, BRK Gupta
The effect of temperature and pressure on the optical absorption edge in
Cu6PS5Hal (Hal=Cl, Br, I) crystals 
1897-- 1904 
IP Studenyak, M Kranjcec, GYS Kovacs, VV Pan'Ko, ID Desnica, AG Slivka, PP

Influence of manganese concentration on the ESR spectrum of Mn2+ in Ca(OH)2
1905 -- 1907
RS De Biasi, MLN Grillo
Spectroscopic studies of dynamically compacted monoclinic ZrO2
1909 -- 1914
M Maczka, ETG Lutz, HJ Verbeek, K Oskam, A Meijerink, J Hanuza, J Van Der Maas
Stochastic and deterministic domino processes in photoinduced 
structural changes
1915 -- 1919
K Koshino, T Ogawa
Optical and electrical properties of binary WO3-Pb3O4 glasses
1921 -- 1931
AA Bahgat, MM El-Samanoudy, AI Sabry
Normal-state transport properties of Ba1-xKxBiO3 crystals
933 -- 1942
Y Nagata, A Mishiro, T Uchida, M Ohtsuka, H Samata
Determination of Ce4+/Ce3+ in electron-beam-damaged CeO2 
by electron energy
loss spectroscopy 
1943 -- 1947
LAJ Garvie, PR Buseck
Phase transitions in 1,3,4- oxadiazole crystals under high pressure
1949 -- 1965
I Orgzall, B Lorenz, J Mikat, G Reck, G Knochenhauer, B Schulz
Phase transition in Pb4.9A0.1Ge2.7Si0.3O11 (A=Ca, Sr, Ba) ferroelectrics
1967 -- 1972
NK Mishra, R Sati, RNP Choudhary
Thermoluminescence mechanism of Mn2+, Mg2+ and Sr2+ doped calcite
1973 -- 1981
ZS Macedo, MEG Valerio, JF De Lima
Raman spectra of KTP crystal in situ electric field
1983 -- 1988
MJ Bushiri, VP Mahadevan Pillai, R Ratheesh, VU Nayar
Structural evolution of low-pressure polymerised C60 with 
polymerisation conditions
1989 -- 1994
T Wagberg, PA Persson, B Sundqvist
Photoemission study of Ag nanofilm grown on pseudomorphic fcc Fe(100)
995 -- 1999
A Tanaka, H Sasaki, K Takahashi, W Gondo, S Suzuki, S Sato
Theoretical study of HOCL adsorption on ice surface
2001 -- 2004
Yufang Zhou, Chengbu Liu
A low temperature route to nanocrystalline Co9S8
2005 -- 2008
Wang Cheng, XM Zhang, XF Qian, Y Xie, YT Qian
Phase transitions in BaCeO3: Neutron diffraction and raman studies
2009 -- 2021
F Genet, S Loridant, C Ritter, G Lucazeau
Relating tracer and chemical diffusion coefficients in 
intermetallic compounds taking the DO3 and A15 structures
2023 -- 2029
IV Belova, GE Murch