Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 11.

Magnetic properties of monoclinic phase LiAl0.05Mn0.95O2
1763 -- 1771
YI Jang, FC Chou, YETMING Chiang
Domain structure of LiCsSO4 crystal studied by 7Li and 133Cs NMR
1773 -- 1778
Ac conductivity and dielectric relaxation studies in the 
polycrystalline compound KYHP3O10
1779 -- 1786
N Zouari, H Khemakhem, T Mhiri, A Daoud
Phase relation and molecular motions of mixed-ligand complex 
[Zn(hfac)2(tmen)] as studied by calorimetry and 1H NMR measurement
1787 -- 1796
TM Yoshida, K Wada, M Oguni, T Chiba, Y Fukuda
Crystal structure and band-edge transitions of ReS2-xSex 
layered compounds
1797 -- 1804
CH Ho, YS Huang, PC Liao, KK Tiong
Ce3+ - Eu2+ energy transfer in BaLiF3 phosphor
1805 -- 1810
Y Tan, C Shi
Temperature effect on the spin density of hydrogen atom 
trapped in the interstitial site of diamond crystal
1811 -- 1815
A Shimizu, M Inagaki, H Tachikawa
Diffusion recombination effect in an amorphous 
tellurium semiconductor
1817 -- 1820
Y Park

Raman spectroscopy study of sillenites. I. comparison 
between Bi12(Si, Mn)O20 single crystals
1821 -- 1827
B Mihailova, M Gospodinov, L Konstantinov

Raman spectroscopy study on sillenites. II. effect of 
doping on raman spectra of Bi12TiO20
1829 -- 1834
B Mihailova, G Bogachev, V Marinova, L Konstsntinov
Comparison of the chemical diffusion of undoped and
Nb-doped SrTiO3
1835 -- 1844
P Pasierb, S Komornicki, M Rekas
The mossbauer spectra of graphite-encapsulated iron and iron 
compounds nanocrystals prepared in carbon arc method
1845 -- 1847
Covalent bonding in NH4Br:Cu2+
1849 -- 1854
E Di Mauro, SM Domiciano
Photoluminescence characteristics of YAG:Tb phosphor particles
with spherical morphology and non-aggregation
1855 -- 1858
YC Kang, SB Park, W Lenggoro, K Okuyama

High-pressure neutron diffraction studies on laurionite-type Pb(OD)Br
1859 -- 1863
S Peter, JB Parise, RI Smith, HD Lutz

Defect physics of the CuInSe2 chalcopyrite semiconductor
1865 -- 1873
C Rincon, R Marquez
Powder neutron-diffraction profile analysis of zero-dimensional 
H-bonded crystal HCrO2
1875 -- 1880
M Ichikawa, T Gustafsson, I Olovsson, T Tsuchida
Effect of divalent-ions-doping on the absorption spectra and 
optical parameters of TGS crystals
1881 -- 1893
AA El-Fadl