Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2000, V 61, N 10, October.

 C. Schinzer
      A new ferromagnetic perovskite: LaMn1/2Rh1/2O3             1543-1551

 M.M. Ibrahim, S.M. Khalil and A.M. Ahmed
      Effect of Pb addition on thermoelectric power and
      microhardness of Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O superconductors          1553-1560
 B.S. Toi and D. Popov
      A method for solving Bloch equation for Morse potential    1561-1566

 M.R. Reddy, S.B. Raju and N. Veeraiah
      Optical absorption and fluorescence spectral studies of
      Ho3+ ions in PbO-Al2O3-B2O3 glass system                   1567-1571
 I. Sokólska et al.
      Spectroscopy of LiTaO3:Tm3+ crystals                       1573-1581

 P. Nmec, B. Frumarová, M. Frumar and J. Oswald
      Optical properties of low-phonon-energy Ge30Ga5Se65:Dy2Se3
      chalcogenide glasses                                       1583-1589

 S. Yashiro et al.
      Superconductivity of the new intermetallic compound TaPtSi  1591-1596

 J.-H. Lee, M. Martin and H.-I. Yoo
      Self- and impurity cation diffusion in
      manganese-zinc-ferrite, Mn1[-]x[-]yZnxFe2+yO4              1597-1605
 J.-S. Lee, S. Adams and J. Maier
      Defect chemistry and transport characteristics of
      [beta]-AgI                                                 1607-1622
 Y. Bensimon, B. Deroide, F. Dijoux and M. Martineau
      Nature and thermal stability of paramagnetic defects in
      natural clay: a study by electron spin resonance           1623-1632
 A.N. Papathanassiou and J. Grammatikakis
      Thermally stimulated depolarization and infrared studies in
      single-crystal dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2)                       1633-1638

 M. Lach-hab, M. Keegan, D.A. Papaconstantopoulos and M.J. Mehl
      Electronic structure calculations of PbTe                  1639-1645

 M. Munzar and L. Tichý
      Far-infrared spectra and bonding arrangement in Ge-As-S-Se
      glasses                                                    1647-1652

 M. Abu El-Oyoun
      Crystallization kinetics of the chalcogenide Bi10Se90 glass 1653-1662

 P. Boutinaud, A. Monnier, D. Lovy and H. Bill
      Optical analysis of X-ray effects on Ag+-doped
      strontium-fluoride crystals                                1663-1676
 Z. Cao, B.I. Lee, W.D. Samuels and G.J. Exarhos
      Thermal behavior of sol-gel derived phosphate ceramics      1677-1685

 D. Perrin, M. Chitroub, S. Scherrer and H. Scherrer
      Study of the n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 doped with bromine
      impurity                                                    1687-1691
 M. Chitroub, S. Scherrer and H. Scherrer
      Anisotropy of the selenium diffusion coefficient in bismuth
      telluride                                                   1693-1701

 P. Gupta and P.K. Bhatnagar
      A new method for the preparation of crystalline GaxSe1[-]x  1703-1705

 F. Marinelli, H. Dupin and A. Lichanot
      Comparison of elastic constants and electronic structures
      in the series of the alkaline-earth selenides: a quantum
      chemical approach                                           1707-1715

 A.P. Vink and A. Meijerink
      Electron-phonon coupling of Cr3+ doped garnets              1717-1725