Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 1999, V 60, N 10.

Electronic-structure study of Ni3Al, Ni3Ga, Ni3In, and NiGa using x-ray photoemission
spectroscopy and bremsstrahlung isochromat spectroscopy
1627 -- 1631
LS Hsu, GH Gweon, JW Allen
Structural, electrical, dielectric and optical investigations of lithium
iodate single crystals
1633 -- 1643
MA Gaffar, A Abu El-Fadl
Confined polymer chains in poor solvent
1645 -- 1648
CE Cordeiro
Hydrogen-induced vacancies on metal surfaces
1649 -- 1654
D Zangllan, P Maroevic, RB Mclellan
Effects of Sr-doping in Ba2Ca2+xCu3+yOz
1655 -- 1662
BR Hickey, ZL Du, YY Xue, DK Ross, LM Dezeneti, 
YY Sun, NL Wu, CW Chu
Local electronic structure of the tellurium atoms in As2Te3-GeTe compounds
1663 -- 1668
PE Lippens, E Brousse, JC Jumas

EPR and dielectric studies of (CH3)2NH2Al(SO4)2.6H2O (DMAAS) 
crystal doped with Cu2+ ion.
1669 -- 1673
W Bednarski, S Waplak, LF Kirpichnikova
Similarity of structural changes in HgBa2CuO4-  
induced by extra oxygen and by high pressure
1675 -- 1682
X Zhang, WH Lu, CK Ong
On the application of new equations to derive acoustic, 
thermodynamic and other properties of iron phosphate 
semiconducting glass
1683 -- 1688
RV Gopala Rao, R Venkatesh, A Maiti
Wavelength dependence of the faraday effect in glassy SiO2
1689 -- 1692
CZ Tan, J Arndt
Deposition and characterization of CdxHg1-xTe films 
electroplated from a nonaqueous bath
1693 -- 1703
JP Nair, R Jayakrishnan, NB Chaure, S Gohkale, A Lobo, 
SK Kulkarni, RK Pandey
Electrical properties and some thermal characteristics of 
(Bi2O3-K2O-Fe2O3) glasses
1705 -- 1712
I Shaltout
On a general approach to calculating the degree of crystallinity
1713 -- 1720
J Moller, KI Jacob
Imaging of the electron density distribution of hydrogen in 
LiH and LiOH by maximum entropy method
1721 -- 1724
S Yamamura, S Kasahara, M Takata, Y Sugawara, M Sakata
Substitutional site of Co2+ ions in GuGaS2:Co2+ crystal
1725 -- 1727
WC Zheng, SY Wu
Characterization of sol-gel glasses with different copper 
concentrations treated under oxidizing and reducing conditions
1729 -- 1736
JM Perez-Robles, FJ Garcia-Rodriguez, JM Yanez Limon, 
FJ Espinoza-Beltran, YV Vorobiev, J Gonzalez-Hernandez
Pressure-induced amorphization of SrB2O4
1737 -- 1743
A Onodera, X Liu, D Kyokane, K Kura, KI Machida, GY Adachi, W Su
Local electronic structure of Tl-Sn-Te compounds
1745 -- 1754
PE Lippens, L Aldon, J Olivier-Fourcade, JC Jumas, 
A Gheorghiu De La Rocque, C Senemaud
Electron magnetic resonance and optical properties of 
Ga2-2xIn2xO3 solid solutions
1755 -- 1762
L Binet, G Gauthier, C Vigreux, D Gourier