Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2000, V 61, N 1.

The electronic structure and magnetism of the Al/Fe interfaces
1 -- 7
C.M. Fang, R.A. de Groot
The application and a substitution defect model for Eu3+">Eu2+ 
reduction in non-reducing atmospheres in borates containing BO4 anion groups
9 -- 12
Zhiwu Pei, Qinghua Zeng, Qiang Su
Weakening of antiferromagnetic correlations by doping in the 2D Hubbard model
13 -- 19
B. Kyung
Optical bands of F2 and F3+ centers in LiF
21 -- 26
G. Baldacchini, E. De Nicola, R.M. Montereali, A. Scacco, V. Kalinov
Phase transformations of polymeric CdI2-type IrTe2 
under high pressure
27 -- 34
J.M. Léger, A.S. Pereira, J. Haines, S. Jobic, R. Brec
Ab initio simulation of defects in energetic materials. 
Part I. Molecular vacancy structure in RDX crystal
35 -- 44
M.M. Kuklja, A.B. Kunz
Influence of cubic crystal field on the magnetic susceptibility of 
defect-perovskite RTa3O9 (R=rare earth)
45 -- 65
S. Ebisu, H. Morita, S. Nagata
Preparation and optical studies of Er-doped Al-Si-Ti oxide 
glasses using the ErAl3(OPri)12 
isolated Er-ion precursor
67 -- 74
G. Westin, Å. Ekstrand, E. Zangellini, L. Börjesson
Sb-doping effects on optical and electrical parameters of SnO2 films
75 -- 85
E.Kh. Shokr, M.M. Wakkad, H.A. Abd El-Ghanny, H.M. Ali
Ab initio studies of phonons in MgO by the direct method including LO mode
87 -- 90
K. Parlinski, J. aewski, Y. Kawazoe

Interatomic force constants of semiconductors
91 -- 94
V. Kumar
Glass formation in germanium telluride glasses containing metallic additives
95 -- 101
K. Ramesh, S. Asokan, K.S. Sangunni, E.S.R. Gopal
Pressure induced phase transitions in LiNaSO4
103 -- 108
T. Sakuntala, A.K. Arora
Positron behaviour in GaSb under pressure
109 -- 114
N. Bouarissa
Effect of G-ray irradiation on structures and luminescent properties of nanocrystalline 
MSO4:xEu3+ (M=Ca,Sr,Ba; x=0.001-0.005)
115 -- 121
Xiong Gong, Pengfei Wu, Wai Kin Chan, Wenju Chen
High pressure optical and X-ray diffraction studies of 
two polymorphs of K(RE)P2Se6 (RE=Pr and Tb)
123 -- 134
I. Orgzall, B. Lorenz, P.K. Dorhout, P.M. Van Calcar, 
K. Brister, T. Sander, H.D. Hochheimer
Phase equilibria in the system CoO-MnO-TiO2-Co
135 -- 138
A.M. Yankin, V.F. Balakirev