Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 2006, V 33, N 8-9, November.

Octahedral cation ordering in Mg, 
Fe2+-olivine: an optical absorption 
spectroscopic study 
Michail N. Taran and Monika Koch-Muller

Quantum-mechanical calculation of the 
vibrational spectrum of beryl 
(Al4Be6Si12O36) at the T point 
Mauro Prencipe, Yves Noel, 
Bartolomeo Civalleri, Carla Roetti 
and Roberto Dovesi

Monte Carlo simulation of mixing in 
Ca3Fe2Ge3O12–Ca4Ge4O12 garnets and 
implications for the thermodynamic 
stability of pyrope–majorite solid solution 
Victor L. Vinograd, Bjoern Winkler, 
Daniel J. Wilson, Andrew Putnis 
and Julian D. Gale

Thorite versus huttonite: stability, 
electronic properties and X-ray 
emission spectra from first-principle 
Igor R. Shein, Konstantin I. Shein 
and Alexander L. Ivanovskii

Natural iron-containing blue and colorless 
euclase studied by electron 
paramagnetic resonance 
K. J. Guedes, K. Krambrock, 
M. V. B. Pinheiro and 
L. A. D. Menezes Filho

Energy transfer among Pb, Ce and Mn in 
fluorescent calcite from Kuerle, 
Xinjiang, China 
Aierken Sidike, X.-M. Wang, Alifu Sawuti, 
H.-J. Zhu, I. Kusachi and N. Yamashita

Single-crystal elastic properties 
of alunite, KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 
J. Majzlan, S. Speziale, 
T. S. Duffy and P. C. Burns

Pressure effect on the electronic 
structure of iron in (Mg,Fe)(Si,Al)O3 
perovskite: a combined synchrotron Mossbauer 
and X-ray emission spectroscopy 
study up to 100 GPa 
J. Li, W. Sturhahn, J. M. Jackson, 
V. V. Struzhkin, J. F. Lin, J. Zhao, 
H. K. Mao and G. Shen

Neutron diffraction determination of the 
cell dimensions and thermal expansion 
of the fluoroperovskite KMgF3 from 293 to 3.6 K 
Roger H. Mitchell, Lachlan M. D. Cranswick 
and Ian Swainson

The effect of composition and cation ordering 
on the compressibility of columbites up to 7 GPa 
M. Pistorino, F. Nestola, T. Boffa Ballaran 
and M. C. Domeneghetti

D/H exchange in pure and Cr-doped enstatite: 
implications for hydrogen diffusivity 
Roland Stalder and Harald Behrens

On the mechanisms for H and Al 
incorporation in stishovite 
Geoffrey D. Bromiley, Fiona A. Bromiley 
and David W. Bromiley

Variation of infrared absorption spectra 
in the system Bi2Al4-xFexO9 (x = 0-4), 
structurally related to mullite 
D. Voll, A. Beran and H. Schneider

P–V Equations of State and the relative 
stabilities of serpentine varieties 
N. Hilairet, I. Daniel and B. Reynard

Visualization of elastic strain fields
by the spatial distribution of the blue 
luminescence in a twinned microcline crystal 
L. Sanchez-Munoz, V. Correcher, 
M. J. Turrero, A. Cremades and 
J. Garcia-Guinea