Physics and Chemistry of Minerals Volume 23 Number 8 (1996)

ISSN 0342-1791
Polarized electronic absorption spectra of Co^[2+] ions in the
ieserite-type compounds CoSO_[4] - H_[2]O and CoSeO_[4] - H_[2]O.
                                                            P 489.

Lutz-H-D.  Zwinscher-J.
Lattice dynamics of pyrite FeS_[2] - polarizable-ion model. P 497.

Cation distributions in olivines and orthopyroxenes An
nterlaboratory study.                                       P 503.
Pacalo-R-E-G.  Weidner-D-J.
Elasticity of superhydrous B.                               P 520.

George-A-M.  Stebbins-J-F.
Dynamics of Na in sodium aluminosilicate glasses and liquids.P 526.
Gates-W-P.  Stucki-J-W.  Kirkpatrick-R-J.
Structural properties of reduced Upton montmorillonite.      P 535.