Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 1996, V 23, N 7.

ISSN 0342-1791
Charnock-J-M.  Henderson-C-M-B.  Mosselmans-J-F-W.  Pattrick-R-A-D.
3d transition metal L-edge X-ray absorption studies of the
dichalcogenides of Fe, Co and Ni.                           P 403.

Martin-B.  Floerke-O-W.  Kainka-E.  Wirth-R.
Electron irradiation damage in quartz, SiO_2.               P 409.

Rywak-A-A.  Burlitch-J-M.
The crystal chemistry and thermal stability of sol-gel prepared
fluoride-substituted talc.                                  P 418.

Lottermoser-W.  Forcher-K.  Amthauer-G.  Treutmann-W.  Hosoya-S.
Single crystal Moessbauer spectroscopy on the three principal
sections of a synthetic fayalite sample in the antiferromagnetic
state.                                                      P 432.

McLaren-A-C.  Meike-A.
Transformation plasticity in single and two-component ionic
polycrystals in which only one component transforms.        P 439.

Iron in hibonite: a spectroscopic study.                    P 452.

Kudoh-Y.  Inoue-T.  Arashi-H.
Structure and crystal chemistry of hydrous wadsleyite,
Mg_[1.75]SiH_[0.5]O_[4]: possible hydrous magnesium silicate in
he mantle transition zone.                                  P 461.

 Chai-M.  Brown-J-M.  Slutsky-L-J.
Thermal diffusivity of mantle minerals.                     P 470.

Diopside-jadeite join at 16-22 GPa.                         P 476.