Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 1996 V 23, N 6

ISSN 0342-1791
AU Libowitzky-E.  Rossman-G-R.
Principles of quantitative absorbance measurements in anisotropic
crystals.                                                   P 319.

AU Stahl-K.  Artioli-G.  Hanson-J-C.
The dehydration process in the zeolite laumontite: a real-time
synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction study.                 P 328.

AU Besson-P.  Poirier-J-P.  Price-G-D.
Dislocations in CaTiO_[3] perovskite deformed at high-temperature:
a transmission electron microscopy study.                   P 337.

AU Matsui-M.
Molecular dynamics study of the structures and bulk moduli of
crystals in the system CaO-MgO-Al_[2]O_[3]-SiO_.            P 345.

AU Wang-K.  Reeber-R-R.
Thermal expansion of alkali halides at high pressure: NaCl as an
example.                                                    P 354.

AU Cynn-H.  Hofmeister-A-M.  Burnley-P-C.  Navrotsky-A.
Thermodynamic properties and hydrogen speciation from vibrational
spectra of dense hydrous magnesium silicates.               P 361.

AU Alboom-A-V.  Grave-E-D.
Temperature dependence of the^[ 57]Fe Moessbauer parameters in
riebeckite.                                                 P 377.

AU Hillert-M.  Selleby-M.  Sundman-B.
A reassessment of the non-stoichiometry of fayalite.        P 387.

AU Vinograd-V-L.
Computer simulations of the Al-Si disorder in synthetic
cordierites: Configuraltional entropy constrained by^[ 29]Si NMR
data.                                                       P 391.