Physics and Chemistry of Minerals. 1996, V 23, N 3.

ISSN 0342-1791
AU Burns-P-C.  Hawthorne-F-C.  Hofmeister-A-M.  Moret-S-L.
A structural phase-transition in K(Mg_[1-x]Cu_[x])F_[3] perovskite.
                                                            P 141.

AU Barbier-J.
Surinamite analogs in the MgO-Ga_[2]O_[3]-GeO_[2] and
MgO-Al_[2]O_[3]-GeO_[2] systems.                            P 151.

AU Richet-P.  Mysen-B-O.  Andrault-D.
Melting and premelting of silicates: Raman spectroscopy and X-ray
diffraction of Li_[2]SiO_[3] and Na_[2]SiO_.                P 157.

AU Petit-P-E.  Guyot-F.  Fiquet-G.  Itie-J-P.
High-pressure behaviour of germanate olivines studied by X-ray
diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy.              P 173.

AU Barkmann-T.  Cemic-L.
Impedance spectroscopy and defect chemistry of fayalite.    P 186.

AU Wu-Z.  Mottana-A.  Marcelli-A.  Natoli-C-R.  Paris-E.
Theoretical analysis of X-ray absorption near-edge structure in
forsterite, Mg_[2]SiO_[4]-Pbnm, and fayalite, Fe_[2]SiO_[4]-Pbnm,
at room temperature and extreme conditions.                 P 193.

AU Webb-S.  Courtial-P.
Compressibility of P_[2]O_[5]-Al_[2]O_[3]-Na_[2]SiO_[3] melts.
                                                            P 205.