Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 1996, V 23, N 2.

ISSN 0342-1791
AU Wang-Z.  Karato-S.  Fujino-K.
High temperature creep of single crystal gadolinium gallium garnet.
                                                            P 73.

AU Tamura-T.  Yoshiasa-A.  Iishi-K.  Takeno-S.  Maeda-H.  Emura-S.
Local structure of (Ca, Sr)_[2] (Mg, Co, Zn)Si_[2]O_[7] melilite
   solid-solution with modulated structure.                 P 81.

AU Pavese-A.  Catti-M.  Parker-S-C.  Wall-A.
Modelling of the thermal dependence of structural and elastic
 properties of calcite, CaCO_.                              P 89

AU Keppler-H.  McCammon-C-A.
Crystal field and charge transfer spectrum of (Mg, Fe)SiO_[3]
majorite.                                                   P 94.

AU Schmidbauer-E.  Kunzmann-T.  Fehr-T.  Hochleitner-R.
Electrical conductivity, thermopower and^[ 57]Fe Moessbauer
spectroscopy of an Fe-rich amphibole, arfvedsonite.         P 99.

AU Warren-M-C.  Ackland-G-J.
Ab initio studies of structural instabilities in magnesium silicate
perovskite.                                                 P 107.

AU Petrovic-I.  Heaney-P-J.  Navrotsky-A.
Thermochemistry of the new silica polymorph moganite.       P 119.

AU Thayaparam-S.  Heine-V.  Dove-M-T.  Hammonds-K-D.
A computational study of Al/Si ordering in cordierite.      P 127.