Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 1996, V 23, N 1.

ISSN 0342-1791
AU Zhang-J.  Li-B.  Utsumi-W.  Liebermann-R-C.
In situ X-ray observations of the coesite-stishovite transition:
 reversed phase boundary and kinetics.                      P 1.

AU Liu-J.  Topor-L.  Zhang-J.  Navrotsky-A.  Liebermann-R-C.
Calorimetric study of the coesite-stishovite transformation and
 calculation of the phase boundary.                         P 11.

AU Sharp-T.  Wu-Z.  Seifert-F.  Poe-B.  Doerr-M.  Paris-E.
Distinction between six- and fourfold coordinated silicon in
SiO_[2] polymorphs via electron loss near edge structure (ELNES)
spectroscopy.                                               P 17.

AU Chopelas-A.
The fluorescence sideband method for obtaining acoustic velocities
at high compressions: application to MgO and MgAl_[2]O_.    P 25.

AU Wright-K.  Catlow-C-R-A.
Calculations on the energetics of water dissolution in wadsleyite.
                                                            P 38.

AU Vocadlo-L.  Price-G-D.
The melting of MgO - computer calculations via molecular dynamics.
                                                            P 42.

AU Ruescher-C-H.
Phonon spectra of 2:1 mullite in infrared and Raman experiments.
                                                            P 50.

AU Dove-M-T.  Hammonds-K-D.  Heine-V.  Withers-R-L.  Xiao-Y.
Rigid unit modes in the high-temperature phase of SiO_[2]
tridymite: calculations and electron diffraction.           P 56.

AU Rancourt-D-G.  Ping-J-Y.  Boukili-B.  Robert-J-L.
Octahedral-site Fe^[2+] quadrupole splitting distributions from
Moessbauer spectroscopy along the (OH, F)-annite join.     P 63.