Petrology, 2011, V 19, N 7.

Fluid–Magmatic Interactions at Oceanic Islands as a Possible Source
for the Sodic Agpaitic Trend   
A. G. Simakin, T. P. Salova, and V. I. Kovalenko 
p. 641   
Visual In-Situ Monitoring of the Behavior and 
Phase States of Water–Hydrocarbon
Inclusions at High Temperatures and Pressures   
V. S. Balitsky, S. V. Penteley, L. V. Balitskaya, 
M. A. Novikova, and T. M. Bublikova 
p. 653   
Middle Eocene Volcanic Shoshonites from Western 
Margin of Central-East Iranian
Microcontinent (CEIM), a Mark of Previously 
Subducted CEIM-Confining Oceanic Crust  
Ghodrat Torabi 
p. 675   
Alkaline Basalt from the Central Iran, 
a Mark of Previously Subducted
Paleo-Tethys Oceanic Crust  

Ghodrat Torabi and Omid Hemmati 
p. 690   

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