Petrology, 2018, V 26, N 6.

Conditions of Formation of Iron–Carbon Melt Inclusions
in Garnet and Orthopyroxene under 
P-T Conditions of Lithospheric Mantle
Yu. V. Bataleva, Yu. N. Palyanov, Yu. M. Borzdov, 
I. D. Novoselov, O. A. Bayukov and 
N. V. Sobolev p. 565  

Phase Relations in the Harzburgite–Hydrous
Carbonate Melt at 5.5–7.5 GPa and 1200–1350°Ń
A. N. Kruk, A. G. Sokol and Yu. N. Palyanov 
p. 575  

Phase Relations in the Model System SiO2–MgO–Cr2O3: 
Evidence from the Results of Experiments in 
Petrologically Significant Sections at 
12–24 GPa and 1600°C
E. A. Matrosova, A. V. Bobrov, 
L. Bindi and T. Irifune 
p. 588  

Experimental Evidence for Opposite Fluxes 
of Sodium, Potassium, and CO2 during 
Glaucophane Schist Interaction with 
Harzburgite and Websterite in Subduction Zones
A. L. Perchuk, V. O. Yapaskurt, 
N. G. Zinovieva and M. Yu. Shur 
p. 599  

Thermal and Fluid Effects of Granitoid 
Intrusions on Granulite Complexes: 
Examples from the Southern Marginal 
Zone of the Limpopo Complex, South Africa
O. G. Safonov, D. D. van Reenen, V. O. Yapaskurt, 
D. A. Varlamov, A. S. Mityaev, V. G. Butvina, 
M. A. Golunova, G. A. Belyanin and C. A. Smit 
p. 617  

Reduced Fluids and Sulfide–Metal Alloy 
in the Magnesian Basalts of Disko 
Island, West Greenland
I. P. Solovova, A. A. Averin 
and L. O. Magazina 
p. 640