Petrology, 2013, V 21, N 6.

“In the Wake of a Big Ship”
p. 523 

The Problem of Depth in Geology: When Pressure Does Not Translate into Depth 
E. Moulas, Y. Y. Podladchikov, L. Ya. Aranovich, and D. Kostopoulos 
p. 527  

Fluid–Mineral Equilibria and Thermodynamic 
Mixing Properties of Fluid Systems 
L. Ya. Aranovich 
p. 539  

Initiation of Transform Faults at Rifted Continental Margins: 
3D Petrological–Thermomechanical Modeling and 
Comparison to the Woodlark Basin 
T. V. Gerya 
p. 550  

Three Metamorphic Events in the Precambrian P–T–t 
History of the Transangarian Yenisey Ridge 
Recorded in Garnet Grains in Metapelites 
I. I. Likhanov, V. V. Reverdatto, P. S. Kozlov, 
V. V. Khiller, and V. P. Sukhorukov 
p. 561  

Experimental Modeling of Mantle Metasomatism 
Coupled with Eclogitization 
of Crustal Material in a Subduction Zone 
A. L. Perchuk, M. Yu. Shur, V. O. Yapaskurt, 
and S. T. Podgornova 
p. 579  

Interaction of Model Peridotite with H2O–KCl Fluid: 
Experiment at 1.9 GPa 
and Its Implications for Upper Mantle Metasomatism 
O. G. Safonov and V. G. Butvina