Petrology, 2019, V 27, N 5.

Fifty Years of the Korzhinskii Institute of 
Experimental Mineralogy, Russian Academy of Sciences
p. 439  

Experimental Study of Amphibole Crystallization 
from the Highly Magnesian Melt of Shiveluch Volcano, Kamchatka
A. G. Simakin, V. N. Devyatova, T. P. Salova and 
O. Yu. Shaposhnikova 
p. 442  

The Relationship of the Relative Abundance of Masses 
of Granites and Rhyolites in the Earth’s Crust with 
the Patterns of the Rheology of the Granitic Magmas
E. S. Persikov 
p. 460  

Subduction Sediment–Lherzolite Interaction at 2.9 GPa: 
Effects of Metasomatism and Partial Melting
A. L. Perchuk, A. A. Serdyuk and N. G. Zinovieva 
p. 467  

Mineral Indicators of Reactions Involving Fluid 
Salt Components in the Deep Lithosphere
O. G. Safonov, V. G. Butvina, E. V. Limanov 
and S. A. Kosova 
p. 489  

Granitization and High-Temperature Metasomatism 
in Mafic Rocks: Comparison between Experimental 
Data and Natural Observations
L. I. Khodorevskaya 
p. 516  

Liquid Immiscibility and Problems of Ore Genesis: 
Experimental Data
Yu. B. Shapovalov, A. R. Kotelnikov, N. I. Suk,
V. S. Korzhinskaya and Z. A. Kotelnikova 
p. 534