Petrology, 2017, V 25, N 5.

H2O Activity in Albite Melts at Deep Crustal 
P-T Conditions Derived from Melting Experiments
in the Systems NaAlSi3O8-H2O-CO2 and NaAlSi3O8-H2O-NaCl
A. R. Makhluf, R. C. Newton and 
C. E. Manning 
p. 449  

Fluid–Mineral Reactions and Melting of 
Orthopyroxene–Cordierite–Biotite Gneiss 
in the Presence of H2O-CO2-NaCl and H2O-CO2-KCl 
Fluids under Parameters of Granulite-Facies Metamorphism
O. G. Safonov and S. A. Kosova 
p. 458  

The Role of Brines in High-Temperature 
Metamorphism and Granitization
L. Ya. Aranovich 
p. 486  

Fahlore Thermochemistry: Gaps Inside the 
(Cu,Ag)10(Fe,Zn)2(Sb,As)4S13 Cube
R. O. Sack p. 498  

“Ultrahigh-Temperature” Metamorphism and 
TitaniQ: Examples from Eastern Siberia
K. K. Podlesskii, I. G. Griboedova 
and E. B. Kurdyukov 
p. 516  

A Primer in Gibbs Energy Minimization for Geophysicists
J. A. D. Connolly 
p. 526