Petrology, 2015, V 23, N 5.

Geodynamic Classification of Intermediate
Magmatic Rocks Based on Geochemical Data  
S. D. Velikoslavinskii and D. P. Krylov 
p. 413   

Ospe?Luvtuaivench Massif of Metabasic Rocks, 
Kola Peninsula, Russia: 
Geologic Structure and Petrogeochemical and 
Isotope Geochemical Evidence 
for Its Relation to the Imandra Complex 
of Layered Intrusions  
V. V. Chashchin, T. B. Bayanova, 
and P. A. Serov 
p. 421   
Formation of the Trachybasalt?Trachyte Bimodal Series 
of the Malo-Khamardaban Volcanotectonic Complex, 
Southwestern Transbaikalia: 
Role of Fractional Crystallization and Magma Mixing  
V. B. Khubanov, T. T. Vrublevskaya, B. Ts. Tsyrenov, 
and A. A. Tsygankov 
p. 451   
Types of Parental Melts of Pyroclastic Rocks of 
Various Structural?Age Complexes 
of the Shiveluch Volcanic Massif, Kamchatka: 
Evidence from Inclusions in Minerals  
M. L. Tolstykh, M.    M. Pevzner, V. B. Naumov, 
A. D. Babanskii, and N. N. Kononkova 
p. 480