Petrology, 2014, V 22, N 5.

U?Th?He Dating of Native Gold: First Results, 
Problems, and Outlooks  
O. V. Yakubovich, Yu. A. Shukolyukov?, 
A. B. Kotov, M. Brauns, A. V. Samsonov, 
A. N. Komarov?, S. Z. Yakovleva, 
E. B. Sal?nikova, and B. M. Gorokhovskii 
p. 429   
Xes?Xen Thermochronology of the Rayner 
Metamorphic Complex, Enderby Land 
(East Antarctica, Molodezhnaya Station Area)  
D. P. Krylov and Yu. A. Shukolyukov? 
p. 438   

Crystallogenesis of Zircon in Alkaline 
Granites and Specifics of Zircon U?Pb Dating: 
A Case Study of the Khangai Magmatic Area  
E. B. Sal?nikova, S. Z. Yakovleva, A. B. Kotov, 
E. V. Tolmacheva, Yu. V. Plotkina, 
A. M. Kozlovskii, V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
and A. M. Fedoseenko 
p. 450   
U?Pb Geochronology and Sr?Nd Isotopic Systematics of Minerals 
from the Ultrabasic-Alkaline Massifs of the Kola Province  
A. A. Arzamastsev and Fu-Yuan Wu 
p. 462   
Late Riphean Episode in the Formation 
of Crystalline Rock Complexes 
in the Dzabkhan Microcontinent: Geological, Geochronologic, 
and Nd Isotopic-Geochemical Data  
I. K. Kozakov, V. P. Kovach, E. V. Bibikova, 
T. I. Kirnozova, D. A. Lykhin, 
Yu. V. Plotkina, E. V. Tolmacheva, 
M. M. Fugzan, and Ch. Erdenezhargal 
p. 480   
Composition and Sources of Volatiles 
and Noble Gases in Fluid Inclusions 
in Pyroxenites and Carbonatites 
of the Seblyavr Massif, Kola Peninsula  
A. I. Buikin, A. B. Verchovsky, 
N. V. Sorokhtina, and L. N. Kogarko