Petrology, 2021, V 29, N 4.

Metabasalts of Greenstone Belt of the Bulun Terrane 
(Southwestern Siberian Craton) as Indicators of 
Compositional and Isotopic Features of Archaean Mantle
O. M. Turkina, A. E. Izokh and A. D. Nozhkin 
p. 315  

Petrochemical Criteria of Staurolite Stability in 
Metapelites at Medium-Temperature Low- and 
Medium-Pressure Metamorphism
E. B. Borisova and Sh. K. Baltybaev 
p. 336  

Age, Isotopic Features, and Formation Type of 
Rocks and Ores of the Allarechka Cu–Ni Sulfide 
Deposit, Fennoscandian Shield
A. B. Vrevskii and S. I. Turchenko 
p. 351  

Experimental Study of Interaction of Carbonic 
Fluid with Cumulus Minerals of Ultrabasic 
Intrusions at 950°C and 200 MPa
A. G. Simakin, T. P. Salova, O. Yu. Shaposhnikova, 
S. I. Isaenko and A. N. Nekrasov 
p. 371  

Method for Determining Water Content in Natural 
Rhyolitic Melts by Raman Spectroscopy and 
Electron Microprobe Analysis
A. A. Kotov, S. Z. Smirnov, P. Yu. Plechov, 
E. S. Persikov, N. V. Chertkova, I. A. Maksimovich, 
N. S. Karmanov and P. G. Buhtiyarov 
p. 386  

Metamorphism of the Central Bundelkhand Greenstone 
Complex, Indian Shield: Mineral Compositions, 
Paragenesises, and P–T Path
O. S. Sibelev, A. I. Slabunov, S. Mishra and V. K. Singh 
p. 404  

Phase State and Thermodynamic Parameters of the Fluid 
System H2O–CO2–CH4 at P-T Conditions of the 
Crust and Lithosphere Mantle
M. V. Ivanov and O. V. Alexandrovich 
p. 439