Petrology, 2019, V 27, N 4.

Petrology, 2019, V 27, N 4.

Early Cambrian Syenite and Monzonite Magmatism in the
Southeast of the East European Platform: 
Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting
A. A. Nosova, A. A. Voznyak, S. V. Bogdanova, 
K. A. Savko, N. M. Lebedeva, A. V. Travin, 
D. S. Yudin, L. Page, A. N. Larionov and 
A. V. Postnikov 
p. 329  

X-Ray Computed Tomography as a Method for Reproducing 
3D Characteristics of Sulfides and Spinel 
Disseminated in Plagiodunites from the Yoko-Dovyren Intrusion
D. V. Korost, A. A. Ariskin, I. V. Pshenitsyn 
and A. N. Khomyak 
p. 370  

First-Principles Determination of Oxygen 
and Silicon ?-Factors for Zircon
D. P. Krylov 
p. 386  

Equation of State of the H2OCO2CaCl2 Fluid 
System and Properties of Fluid Phases at 
- Parameters of the Middle and Lower Crust
M. V. Ivanov and S. A. Bushmin 
p. 395  

Behavior of the 238U, 235U, and 234U Isotopes at 
Weathering of Volcanic Rocks with U Mineralization: 
A Case Study at the Tulukuevskoe Deposit, 
Eastern Transbaikalia
I. V. Chernyshev, V. N. Golubev, A. V. Chugaev, 
G. V. Mandzhieva and B. I. Gareev 
p. 407  

The Timing of the Paleo-Asian Oceanic Closure: 
Geochemical Constraints from the Jigede 
Gabbro in the Alxa Block
Zheng Liu, Xin Zhang, Shu-Cheng Tan, Xin Sha, 
Xiao-Hu He and Qing Zhou 
p. 425