Petrology, 2018, V 26, N 4.

Garnet-Pyroxenite-Derived End-Member 
Magma Type in Kamchatka: Evidence from 
Composition of Olivine and Olivine-Hosted 
Melt Inclusions in Holocene Rocks of
Kekuknaisky Volcano
N. A. Nekrylov, D. V. Popov, P. Yu. Plechov, 
V. D. Shcherbakov, L. V. Danyushevsky and 
O. V. Dirksen 
p. 329  

Nd and Pb Isotopic Composition of Granitoids 
in the Khangai Batholith as an Indicator 
of Crust-Forming Processes in the 
Terranes of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt
V. M. Savatenkov, V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
A. M. Kozlovsky, Z. B. Smirnova and 
O. E. Sviridova 
p. 351  

Mantle-Crust Interaction in Petrogenesis 
of the Gabbro-Granite Association in the 
Preobrazhenka Intrusion, Eastern Kazakhstan
S. V. Khromykh, A. A. Tsygankov, G. N. Burmakina, 
P. D. Kotler and E. N. Sokolova 
p. 368  

Immiscibility of Fluoride–Calcium and 
Silicate Melts in Trachyrhyolitic Magma: 
Data on Acidic Volcanic Rocks from the 
Nyalga Basin, Central Mongolia
I. S. Peretyazhko, E. A. Savina, N. S. Karmanov 
and A. S. Dmitrieva 
p. 389  

Structure and Composition Effects on the 
Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Silicate Melts
E. O. Dubinina and A. A. Borisov 
p. 414  

Processes of Replacement by Melt at Interaction 
between Refractory Materials and Industrially Produced Melts
E. N. Gramenitskiy, T. I. Shchekina and Ya. O. Alferyeva 
p. 428