Petrology, 2017, V 25, N 4.

Morphology and Impurity Elements of Zircon
in the Oceanic Lithosphere at the 
Mid-Atlantic Ridge Axial Zone (613 N): 
Evidence of Specifics of Magmatic 
Crystallization and Postmagmatic Transformations
L. Y. Aranovich, N. S. Bortnikov, T. F. Zinger, 
S. E. Borisovskiy, V. A. Matrenichev, 
A. N. Pertsev, E. V. Sharkov and 
S. G. Skolotnev 
p. 339  

Neoproterozoic Magmatic Complexes of 
the Songino Block (Mongolia): 
a Problem of Formation and Correlation
of Precambrian Terranes in the 
Central-Asian Orogenic Belt
V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. M. Kozlovsky 
and V. I. Lebedev 
p. 365  

Geodynamics of Late Paleozoic 
Batholith-Forming Processes 
in Western Transbaikalia
A. A. Tsygankov, G. N. Burmakina, 
V. B. Khubanov and M. D. Buyantuev 
p. 396  

Copper Partitioning between Olivine
and Melt Inclusions and Its Content
in Primitive Island-Arc Magmas of Kamchatka
M. V. Portnyagin, N. L. Mironov 
and D. P. Nazarova 
p. 419  

Genesis of Kalsilite Melilitite at Cupaello, 
Central Italy: Evidence from Melt Inclusions
A. T. Isakova, L. I. Panina and 
F. Stoppa 
p. 433