Petrology, 2014, V 22, N 4.

Sources and Fluid Regime of Quartz–Carbonate
Veins at the Sukhoi Log Gold Deposit,
Baikal–Patom Highland
E. O. Dubinina, A. V. Chugaev, T. A. Ikonnikova, 
A. S. Avdeenko, and A. I. Yakushev 
p. 329  

Effect of Network-Forming Cations on 
the Oxygen Isotope Fractionation
between Silicate Melts: Experimental Study at 1400–1570C
A. A. Borisov and E. O. Dubinina 
p. 359  

Multistage Svecofennian Metamorphism: 
Evidence from the Composition and U–Pb Age
of Titanite from Eclogites of the 
Belomorian Mobile Belt
S. G. Skublov, A. V. Berezin, N. G. Rizvanova, 
A. E. Mel’nik, and T. A. Myskova 
p. 381  

Sources and Geodynamic Environments of Formation
of Vendian–Early Paleozoic Magmatic 
Complexes in the Daribi Range, Western Mongolia
D. V. Kovalenko, A. A. Mongush, O. A. Ageeva, 
and G. Eenzhin 
p. 389  

Size Effect in Metastable Water
K. I. Shmulovich and L. Mercury