Petrology, 2012 , V 20, N 4.

Rock Transformations in Spherically Converging Shock Waves:
Newly Obtained Experimental Results  
E. A. Kozlov and L. V. Sazonova 
p. 301   
Effects of Shock-Wave Loading in Oxides  
B. A. Gizhevskii, V. R. Galakhov, and E. A. Kozlov 
p. 317   
New Type of Shock Twinning in Potassium Feldspar  
A. A. Valter 
p. 331   
Phase Transformations of Enstatite in Spherical Shock Waves  
E. A. Kozlov and L. V. Sazonova 
p. 336   
Shock Wave-Induced Interaction between
Meteoritic Iron and Silicates  
D. D. Badjukov, V. S. Rusakov, and Yu. G. Kupin 
p. 347   
Mesoproterozoic Within-Plate Igneous Province of the Western Urals:
Main Petrogenetic Rock Types and Their Origin  
A. A. Nosova, L. V. Sazonova, A. V. Kargin, Yu. O. Larionova,
V. M. Gorozhanin, and S. G. Kovalev 
p. 356   
The Ti4+/Ti3+ Ratio of Magmatic Melts: Application to the Problem
of the Reduction of Lunar Basalts  
A. A. Borisov