Petrology, 2022, V 30, N 3.

Cretaceous Monzonite-Granite-Migmatite Velitkenay Complex: 
Petrology, Geochemistry of Rocks and Zircons 
(U-Pb, Hf, O) as Applied to Reconstructing the 
Evolution of Magmatism and Continental Crust 
in Artic Alaska–Chukotka Block
V. V. Akinin, G. O. Polzunenkov, E. S. Gottlieb and 
E. L. Miller 
p. 227  

Effects of Redox Conditions on Geochemical and 
Metallogenic Zoning: An Example of Mesozoic 
Magmatic Belts in Eastern Yakutia
L. F. Mishin, E. A. Konovalova and Yu. V. Taltykin 
p. 258  

Partial Melting of Carbonate–Biotite Gneiss at 
the Conditions of the Continental Crust: 
Experimental and Thermodynamic Modeling
A. S. Mityaev, O. G. Safonov, D. A. Varlamov 
and D. D. van Reenen 
p. 278  

Metasomatism under Thermogradient Conditions: 
Models for the Coupled Heat Transfer and 
Fluid‒Rock Interaction
A. B. Kol’tsov and S. A. Bushmin 
p. 305  

Experimental Study of the Multicomponent 
Chemical Diffusion of Major Components 
(SiO2, Al2O3, Na2O, CaO, MgO, and FeO) and 
the  Anion at Interaction between Basalt 
and Kimberlite Melts under a Moderate Pressure 
E. S. Persikov, P. G. Bukhtiyarov
and A. N. Nekrasov 
p. 325