Petrology, 2020, V 28, N. 3.

Evolution of the Fluoride–Calcium Melt Composition
According to Experimental Data and 
Fluorite Formation in Rhyolites
I. S. Peretyazhko, E. A. Savina, N. I. Suk, 
A. R. Kotelnikov, A. N. Sapozhnikov and 
R. Y. Shendrik 
p. 221  

Morphology, Mineralogy, and Composition of Sulfide 
Droplets in Picrodolerite from a Near-Bottom 
Apophysis of the Yoko-Dovyren Layered Intrusion
I. V. Pshenitsyn, A. A. Ariskin, G. S. Nikolaev, 
E. V. Kislov, D. V. Korost, V. O. Yapaskurt 
and S. N. Sobolev 
p. 246  

Fenites of the Miaskite–Carbonatite Complex in the
 Vishnevye Mountains, Southern Urals, Russia: 
Origin of the Metasomatic Zoning and Thermodynamic 
Simulations of the Processes
S. S. Abramov, I. T. Rass and N. N. Kononkova 
p. 263  

Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Phenocrysts 
and Melt: Equilibrium Estimation for the Alkaline 
Lavas of Changbaishan Volcano (Northeast China)
E. O. Dubinina, O. A. Andreeva, A. S. Avdeenko, 
I. A. Andreeva and Ji Jianqing 
p. 287  

Petrophysical Features of the Upper Mantle 
Structure beneath Northern Eurasia and Their Nature
N. I. Pavlenkova 
p. 301