Petrology, 2018, V 36, N 3.

Isotopic (Sm–Nd, Pb–Pb, and ?34S) and Geochemical Characteristics 
of the Metasedimentary Rocks of the Baikal–Patom Belt 
(Northern Transbaikalia) and Evolution of the 
Sedimentary Basin in the Neoproterozoic
A. V. Chugaev, A. E. Budyak, I. V. Chernyshev, E. O. Dubinina, 
B. I. Gareev, K. N. Shatagin, Yu. I. Tarasova, 
N. A. Goryachev and S. Yu. Skuzovatov 
p. 213  

Specifics of the Neoarchean Plume–Lithospheric Processes 
in the Kola–Norwegian Province of the Fennoscandian Shield: 
II. Petrology and Geodynamic Nature of Komatiite–Tholeiite Association
A. B. Vrevskii 
p. 246  

Determining the Geodynamic Setting of 
Adakitic Granitoids Using Geochemical Data
S. D. Velikoslavinskii, A. B. Kotov, 
D. P. Krylov and A. M. Larin 
p. 255  

Evolution of Ore-Forming Metasomatic Processes 
at Large Skarn Iron Deposits Related to 
the Traps of the Siberian Platform
M. P. Mazurov, S. N. Grishina, A. T. Titov and 
A. V. Shikhova 
p. 265  

Differentiated Mafic–Ultramafic Intrusions 
of the Kruglogorsky Type in the Noril’sk Area: 
Petrology and Ore Potential
S. F. Sluzhenikin, K. N. Malitch and 
A. V. Grigor’eva 
p. 280  

P-bearing Olivines from the “Luna-20” Soil Samples, 
Their Sources and Possible Phosphorus 
Substitution Mechanisms in Lunar Olivine
S. I. Demidova, T. Ntaflos and F. Brandstatter 
p. 314