Petrology, 2011, V 19, N 3.

Hydrothermal Systems in Peridotites at Slow-Spreading Ridges. 
Modeling Phase Transformations
and Material Balance: Role of Gabbroids   
S. A. Silantyev, A. A. Novoselov, and M. V. Mironenko 
p. 217   
Evolution of Calc-Alkaline Magmas of the 
Okhotsk-Chukotka Volcanic Belt   
V. V. Akinin and E. L. Miller 
p. 237   
Phenocrysts in Silicic Volcanic Rocks in the 
Northern Part of the Okhotsk-Chukotka Belt
and Their Crystallization Conditions   
O. I. Kabanova, P. L. Tikhomirov, 
and V. O. Yapaskurt 
p. 278   
Structural-Morphological and REE Geochemical 
Control of the Correctness of Sm-Nd Dating
for Fluorite Formation in the Garsonui 
Deposit, Eastern Transbaikalia   
P. L. Smolyanskii and E. S. Bogomolov 
p. 297   
Redox Problems in the "Metallogenic 
Specialization" of Magmatic Rocks and the Genesis
of Hydrothermal Ore Mineralization   
I. N. Kigai 
p. 303   
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