Petrology, 2010, V 18, N 5.

Metasomatic Alterations of Olivine Inclusions
in the Budulan Mesosiderite  
C. A. Lorenz, M. A. Nazarov, F. Brandstaetter, 
and Th. Ntaflos  p. 461   
Ferric-Ferrous Ratio in Liquid Iron Oxides: 
Analysis and Applications 
to Natural Basaltic Melts  
A. A. Borisov 
p. 471   

Isotope-Geochemical Constraints on the 
Formation of the Early Earth? Crust  
E. V. Bibikova 
p. 482   
Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of 
Volcanic Rocks in the Kuril Island Arc  
Yu. A. Martynov, A. I. Khanchuk, J.-I. Kimura, 
A. V. Rybin, and A. Yu. Martynov  
p. 489   
Tetrad Effects in the Rare Earth Element 
Patterns of Granitoid 
Rocks as an Indicator of Fluoride-Silicate 
Liquid Immiscibility
in Magmatic Systems  
I. S. Peretyazhko and E. A. Savina 
p. 514   
The Origin of Pseudoleucite in Tinguaite, 
Ghori, India: a Re-evaluation  
S. G. Viladkar