Petrology, 2010, V 18, N 4.

Thematic Issue Dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of Acad. D. S. Korzhinskii
p. 319 Charnockitization and Enderbitization of Mafic Granulites in the Porya Bay Area, Lapland Granulite Belt, Southern Kola Peninsula: I. Petrology and Geothermobarometry S. P. Korikovsky and L. Ya. Aranovich p. 320 Stability of Sapphirine-Bearing Mineral Assemblages in the System FeO?MgO?Al2O3?SiO2 and Metamorphic P?T Parameters of Aluminous Granulites K. K. Podlesskii p. 350 Oceanic Plagiogranites as a Result of Interaction between Magmatic and Hydrothermal Systems in the Slow-Spreading Mid-Ocean Ridges S. A. Silantyev, L. Ya. Aranovich, and N. S. Bortnikov p. 369 Phase Relations of REE-Bearing Minerals during the Metamorphism of Carbonaceous Shales in the Tim-Yastrebovskaya Structure, Voronezh Crystalline Massif, Russia K. A. Savko, E. Kh. Korish, S. M. Pilyugin, and T. N. Polyakova p. 384 Experimental Study of Interaction between Fluid-Bearing Basaltic Melts and Peridotite: A Mantle?Crustal Source of Trap Magmas in the Norilsk Area N. S. Gorbachev p. 416 Computer Modeling of Granite Gneiss Diapirism in the Earth's Crust: Controlling Factors, Duration, and Temperature Regime O. P. Polyansky, A. V. Babichev, S. N. Korobeynikov, and V. V. Reverdatto p. 432 Atomistic Model of Diopside-K-jadeite (CaMgSi2O6?KAlSi2O6) Solid Solution V. L. Vinograd, O. G. Safonov, D. J. Wilson, L. L. Perchuk', L. Bindi, J. D. Gale, and B. Winkler p.447