Petrology, 2010, V 18, N 1.

Average Composition of Basic Magmas and Mantle Sources of Island Arcs 
and Active Continental Margins Estimated from the Data on Melt Inclusions 
and Quenched Glasses of Rocks 
V. I. Kovalenko, V. B. Naumov, A. V. Girnis, 
V. A. Dorofeeva, and V. V. Yarmolyuk 
p. 1  

Petrology and Thermobarometry of Eclogite Rocks in the Krasnaya 
Guba Dike Field, Belomorian Mobile Belt 
V. M. Kozlovskii and L. Ya. Aranovich 
p. 27  
Mesoproterozoic Olivine Gabbronorites 
of the Bashkirian Anticlinorium, 
the South Urals: Parental Melts and Specifics of Magma Evolution 
A. A. Nosova, L. V. Sazonova, V. M. Gorozhanin,
O. F. Kuzímenkova, and E. O. Dubinina 
p. 50  

Distinctive Petrological, Geochemical, and Geodynamic Features 
of Subduction-Related Magmatism 
N. L. Dobretsov