Petrology, 2009, V 17, N 7.

Do Terrestrial Planets Evolve According to the Same Scenario? 
Geological and Petrological Evidence 
E. V. Sharkov and O. A. Bogatikov 
p. 629  

Experimental Modeling of the Explosion Mechanism of Basaltic Magmas 
A. Yu. Ozerov 
p. 653  

Isotopic-Geochemical Study of Zircons from Metabasites 
of the Kontokki Dike Complex: Age of Regional Metamorphism 
in the Kostomuksha Structure 
L. K. Levskii, S. G. Skublov, and I. M. Gembitskaya 
p. 669  

Eclogitization of Basites in Early Proterozoic Shear Zones in the Area 
of the Village of Gridino, Western Belomorie 
V. V. Travin and N. E. Kozlova 
p. 684  

Author Index to Volume 17, 2009 p. 707