Petrology, 2009, V 17, N 6.

Hydrothermal Systems Hosted in Peridotites at Slow-Spreading Ridges.
Modeling Phase Transformations and Material Balance: Upwelling Limb
of the Hydrothermal Cell 
S. A. Silantyev, M. V. Mironenko, and A. A. Novoselov 
p. 523  

Geology and Geochronology of Neoarchean Anorogenic Magmatism 
of the Keivy Structure, Kola Peninsula 
V. R. Vetrin and N. V. Rodionov 
p. 537  

Geochemical Specifics of Ongonites in the Ary-Bulak Massif, 
Eastern Transbaikalia 
V. S. Antipin, I. A. Andreeva, V. I. Kovalenko, and V. A. Kuznetsov 
p. 558  

Sources of Granitoids in the Tuva-Mongolian Microcontinent and 
Surrounding Structures: Evidence from Pb, Nd, and O Isotopic Systematics 
G. V. Ovchinnikova, D. P. Krylov, I. K. Kozakov, 
V. P. Kovach, and N. A. Sergeeva 
p. 570  

Influence of SiO2 and Al2O3 on the Activity Coefficients of Alkalis in Melts:
An Experimental Study 
A. A. Borisov 
p. 579  

Amphibole Crystallization from a Water-Saturated Andesite Melt: 
Experimental Data at P = 2 kbar 
A. G. Simakin, T. P. Salova, and A. D. Babansky 
p. 591  

Polygenetic Sources of Kimberlites, Magma Composition, and Diamond
 Potential Exemplified by the East European and Siberian Cratons 
O. A. Bogatikov, V. A. Kononova, A. A. Nosova, and A. V. Kargin 
p. 606  

In Memory of Leonid L'vovich Perchuk p. 626