Petrology, 2009, V 17, N 5.

Valence State of Iron in a Condensate from the Luna 16 Regolith 
Yu. P. Dikov, M. V. Gerasimov, O. I. Yakovlev, and A. V. Ivanov 
p. 429 

Age, Composition, Sources, and Geodynamic Environments of the Origin 
of Granitoids in the Northern Part of the Ozernaya Zone, Western Mongolia: 
Growth Mechanisms of the Paleozoic Continental Crust 
S. N. Rudnev, A. E. Izokh, V. P. Kovach, R. A. Shelepaev, and L. B. Terent'eva 
p. 439 

Magmatic Rocks in the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone, North Atlantic Ocean 
E. A. Chernysheva and G. S. Kharin 
p. 476 

Petrogenesis of the Fe-Ti Intrusive Complexes in the Sierra Leone Region, 
Central Atlantic 
V. A. Simonov, E. V. Sharkov, and S. V. Kovyazin 
p. 488 

Isotopic-Geochemical Features and Age of Zircons in Dunites 
of the Platinum-Bearing Type Uralian Massifs: Petrogenetic Implications 
G. B. Fershtater, A. A. Krasnobaev, F. Bea, P. Montero, 
V. Ya. Levin, and V. V. Kholodnov 
p. 503 

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