Petrology, 2009, V 17, N 3.

Role of Magmatism and Fluids in the Formation of the Earth's Crust and Mantle 
p. 205
Within-Plate (Intracontinental) and Postorogenic Magmatism o
f the East European Craton as Reflection of the 
Evolution of Continental Lithosphere 
O. A. Bogatikov, E. V. Sharkov, M. M. Bogina, V. A. Kononova,
A. A. Nosova, A. V. Samsonov, and A. V. Chistyakov 
p. 207  

Variations in the Nd Isotopic Ratios and Canonical Ratios of 
Concentrations of Incompatible Elements as an Indication of 
Mixing Sources of Alkali Granitoids 
and Basites in the Khaldzan-Buregtei Massif and the Khaldzan-Buregtei 
Rare-Metal Deposit in Western Mongolia 
V. I. Kovalenko, V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. P. Kovach, D. V. Kovalenko, A. M. Kozlovskii, 
I. A. Andreeva, A. B. Kotov, and E. B. Salnikova 
p. 227  

Petrology of the Parental Melts and Mantle Sources of Siberian Trap Magmatism 
A. V. Sobolev, N. A. Krivolutskaya, and D. V. Kuzmin 
p. 253  

Physicochemical Conditions of Magma Formation at the Base of the Siberian Plume: 
Insight from the Investigation of Melt Inclusions in the Meymechites 
and Alkali Picrites of the Maimecha-Kotui Province 
I. D. Ryabchikov, L. N. Kogarko, and I. P. Solovova 
p. 287  

Paleozoic Plume-Lithospheric Processes in Northeastern Fennoscandia: 
Evaluation of the Composition of the Parental Mantle Melts 
and Magma Generation Conditions 
A. A/ Arzamastsev and F. P. Mitrofanov 
p. 300