Petrology, 2008, v 16, N 2.

 Neoproterozoic Volhynia-Brest Magmatic Province 
 in the Western East European Craton:
 Within-Plate Magmatism in an Ancient Suture Zone 
 A. A. Nosova, O. F. Kuz'menkova, N. V. Veretennikov, 
 L. G. Petrova, and L. K. Levsky 
 p. 105 
 Collision Metamorphism of Precambrian Complexes
 in the Transangarian Yenisei Range 
 I. I. Likhanov, V. V. Reverdatto, 
 P. S. Kozlov, and N. V. Popov 
 p. 136  
 Solubility of Platinum and Palladium 
 in Silicate Melts under High Water Pressure
 as a Function of Redox Conditions 
 N. I. Bezmen, P. N. Gorbachev, A. I. Shalynin, 
 M. Asif , and A. J. Naldrett  
 p. 161  

 Plagioclase-Aqueous Solution Equilibrium: 
 Concentration Dependence 
 K. I. Shmulovich and C. Graham 
 p. 177  
 Granulites of the Kolpakovskaya Series 
 in the Sredinny Range, Kamchatka:
 A Myth or Reality? 
 I. A. Tararin 
 p. 193