Petrology, 2019, V 27, N 2.

Petrology, V 27, N 2, 2019.

A Technique for Calculating the Enthalpy of 
Silicate Melt of Any Composition
D. A. Bychkov and E. V. Koptev-Dvornikov 
p. 109  

High Pressure Metamorphism in the Peridotitic 
Cumulate of the Marun-Keu Complex, Polar Urals
Y. Y. Liu, A. L. Perchuk and A. A. Ariskin 
p. 124  

Non-Subduction Petrological Mechanisms for the 
Growth of the Neoarcheam Continental Crust of 
the Kola–Norwegian Terrane, Fennoscandian Shield: 
Geological and Isotope-Geochemical Evidence
A. B. Vrevskii 
p. 146  

Djerfisherite in Monticellite Rocks of the 
Krestovskaya Intrusion (Polar Siberia)
L. I. Panina and A.T. Isakova 
p. 171  

Liquid Immiscibility in Fluid–Magmatic Systems: 
An Experimental Study
A. R. Kotelnikov, N. I. Suk, Z. A. Kotelnikova, 
Y. Yanev, S. Encheva and V. V. Ananiev 
p. 186  

Petrology of Spinel-Gedrite-Cordierite Symplectites 
Replacing Andalusite in Migmatites from the Sarabi 
Area, Hamedan, Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone, Iran
Ali Akbar Baharifar 
p. 202