Petrology, 2018, V 26, N 2.

New Zr–Hf Geothermometer for Magmatic Zircons
L. Ya. Aranovich and N. S. Bortnikov 
p. 115  

Specifics of Neoarchean Plume–Lithospheric 
Processes in the Kola–Norwegian Province 
of the Fennoscandian Shield: I. 
Composition and Age of the 
Komatiite–Tholeiite Association
A. B. Vrevskii 
p. 121  

Coupling of Redox Conditions of Mantle 
Melting and Copper and Sulfur Contents 
in Primary Magmas of the Tolbachinsky 
Dol (Kamchatka) and Juan de Fuca Ridge (Pacific Ocean)
N. L. Mironov and M. V. Portnyagin 
p. 145  

The Olivinite of the Krestovskaya 
Intrusion—the Product of Larnite-Normative 
Alkali Ultramafic Magma: Melt Inclusion Data
L. I. Panina, A. T. Isakova and A. M. Sazonov 
p. 167  

Unique Clinkers and Paralavas from a New 
Nyalga Combustion Metamorphic Complex in 
Central Mongolia: Mineralogy, Geochemistry, 
and Genesis
I. S. Peretyazhko, E. A. Savina, E. A. Khromova, 
N. S. Karmanov and A. V. Ivanov 
p. 181