Petrology, 2016, V 24, N 2.

 Mutual Interaction of Redox Pairs in Silicate Melts: 
 Equilibria Involving Metallic Phases  
 A. A. Borisov 
 p. 117   
 Late Pleistocene Tendurek Volcano 
 (Eastern Anatolia, Turkey): 
 I. Geochronology and Petrographic 
 Characteristics of Igneous Rocks  
 V. A. Lebedev, E. V. Sharkov, E. Unal, 
 and M. Keskin 
 p. 127   
  Conditions of Crystallization, Composition, 
  and Sources of Rare-Metal Magmas 
  Forming Ongonites in the Kalba?Narym Zone, Eastern Kazakhstan  
  E. N. Sokolova, S. Z. Smirnov, and S. V. Khromykh 
 p. 153   
  Geodynamics and Sources of Preaccretionary Magmatism in Western Mongolia  
  D. V. Kovalenko, V. I. Lebedev, A. A. Mongush, Kh. N. Sat, 
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  p. 178   
  Granitoid Magmatism of the Japan and Okhotsk Seas  
  E. P. Lelikov and    A. A. Pugachev 
  p. 196